Lisa Banks, AstraZeneca Wins ‘customer Innovator Award’ at Eye Pharma Philadelphia Awards

Philadelphia, PE – Lisa Banks was deservedly recognized for her work in driving customer-focused innovation at the inaugural eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards.
The eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards reflect eyeforpharma’s mission is to make the pharmaceutical industry more open and valued by celebrating those who drive innovation that put the customer before profits. In a largely traditional industry, mindsets can be hard to change with innovators facing significant resistance by those who still believe in the status quo. The ‘Customer Innovator Award’ aims to put the spotlight on those with the courage to step forward, in order to encourage others to do the same.
Lisa Banks led the development of AstraZeneca’s ground-breaking mHealth app, Me & MyCOPD which used a patient-centric design approach to create a service that responded to user needs. Lisa  and her team were able to deliver an app that was intuitive to a population not overwhelmingly digitally savvy, to collect patient insights and improve the ability of the provider to deliver care.
The program measured improved outcomes in clinical visitations and patient adherence by giving health care professionals real-time visibility over health progress and integrating reminder systems for upcoming appointments.
Jessica Kuzmick at Bayer praised Lisa’s recent work both as an individual and as a team leader, saying, “I loved the teamwork internally and externally exhibited in identifying patient needs and in developing this patient adherence program. This is a ground-up initiative, but the innovative spirit is evident throughout. Truly digital health solutions are in their infancy, yet it looks like you got this one off to a fast start. Congratulations! This is an innovation the patients will truly benefit by.”
The winning projects were selected from about 80 initiatives from North America and were announced last night at the inaugural eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards ceremony, determined by a diverse judging panel of senior industry experts, and patient advocates.