NASSCOM CoE launches Healthcare Innovation Challenge 2.0


NASSCOM Centre of Excellence (CoE) has launched Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HIC) 2.0. The initiative aims to address the challenges faced by healthcare providers in digital technology adoption. The use case sponsors include some of the hospitals from HIC#2 and some new hospitals looking to work with CoE for their digital transformation.

The key objectives of the HIC include driving operational excellence by enabling automation of administrative processes and digitisation of clinical workflows through the adoption of digital technology solutions; enabling healthcare providers to nominate use cases as per the digital solution needs and driving the programme to enable the curation, evaluation and deployment of technology-led innovative solutions that address the nominated use cases.

In this edition, healthcare providers across the country are invited to nominate use cases as per their digital solution needs. The HIC#2 partner hospitals include KIMS Health, Mahajan Imaging, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Sankara Netralaya and Zydus Hospitals.

For this edition of HIC, healthcare providers have been nominated for use cases which include converting radiology reports and images into multimedia files, centralized teleradiology reporting, home care and patient monitoring solutions, digital clinical assistant for integrating with legacy EHR, AI-based cancer diagnosis and OT Automation. After nominations by the partner hospitals, applications for solutions are invited at the pan India level.