Optimize Health Announces Remote Clinical Monitoring Services to Help Providers Expand Their Remote Care Capacity


Optimize Health, a pioneer in the rapidly growing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) industry, announced its clinical monitoring service offering, which pairs their all-in-one easy-to-use RPM software platform with clinically-driven monitoring services led by medically-certified registered nurses (RNs).

More and more health providers recognize the important role RPM plays in patient care delivery – for both patient satisfaction and outcomes – but struggle to appoint the internal resources necessary to monitor patients consistently. By utilizing RNs who understand how to provide a patient-centered experience, Optimize Health’s monitoring service can increase patient engagement and serve as a critical extension of their clients’ practices. With today’s announcement, providers can start and scale a best-in-class RPM program that acts as an extension of their practice.

“While healthcare practitioners clearly understand the benefits of RPM, the perceived challenges of starting and managing an RPM program can be overwhelming for many,” said Neha Ajmera, Senior Vice President of Operations at Optimize Health. “To help providers successfully realize the benefits of RPM, we designed our monitoring service with every situation in mind, so RPM is within reach for each practice that wants to expand its patient delivery model.”

Benefits of Optimize Health’s Solution

Unlike other outsourced monitoring solutions, Optimize Health uses registered nurses, who can work independently to investigate trends and provide clinically-sound solutions. By leveraging their clinical expertise, Optimize Health’s solution can reduce false escalations and give providers more time to support in-office patients. This also allows for:

  • Real-time expertise. Clinically-trained RNs evaluate patient data first-hand to identify trends and patterns before escalating to other members of the care team.
  • Increased patient engagement. The RN team checks patient readings, follows up with those who have out of range results and contacts patients who have missed readings to help maximize each patient’s value.
  • Future-ready staffing. Optimize Health’s team of RNs expands and contracts based on a clinic’s need, creating an efficient and scalable RPM program that offers as much as a 70% increase in patients monitored without upfront costs.

Optimize Health makes it easy for healthcare providers to offer patient-centric, reimbursable remote patient monitoring. Optimize Health’s solution seamlessly integrates affordable devices with easy-to-use software and clinically-driven monitoring services, empowering patients and providers alike to improve health outcomes and contain costs.