New iSOFT service connects pathology at Leeds and York


NHS trusts in Leeds and York are the first to adopt a new iSOFT solution to connect their pathology systems so requests and test results are exchanged electronically, which will prevent errors and delays and save money.

The new deals are with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Processing 3 million sample requests a year, the pathology department at Leeds is one of the UK’s largest and provides services to other NHS trusts under national and regional agreements. It conducts 200,000 routine pathology tests a year for York. iSOFT’s new service replaces a paper-and-post process of exchanging requests and results, so cuts delays but also eliminates the risk of mix-ups and results being lost.

Based on iSOFT’s Viaduct integration tool, the new service is a centrally-hosted web application for connecting laboratory information systems. The service is aimed initially at the 150 UK customers for iSOFT lab systems but is also open to others. The immediate aim is to sign up other NHS trusts that have agreements with Leeds.

“This latest service is part of our pledge to customers to deliver innovative solutions that will drive improvements in service and efficiency and help reduce costs,” said Adrian Stevens, Managing Director of iSOFT’s UK and Ireland business.

“Seventy per cent of diagnoses now rely on pathology tests, but there is a growing concern about rising demand and increasing pressure to reduce the £2 billion UK budget for pathology tests. Connecting partner pathology departments electronically is a relatively simple and cost-effective means of achieving substantial gains that will contribute to savings nationally.”

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