OrthoAI: Sancheti Hospital launches generative AI tool for orthopaedics


Sancheti Hospital announced the launch of a unique OrthoAI, a generative AI tool which will help orthopaedic experts access vast and rich medical literature. This first initiative powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for orthopaedics will update doctors with the latest content through thousands of published articles and videos under one roof to help them make better decisions.

OrthoAI was launched by chief guest and eminent Scientist Dr Raghunath Mashelkar who complimented the team on the initiative. Mashelkar said that India has created digital public infrastructure, tops data consumption and has also pole vaulted with digital payments. “We must take advantage of this leadership we have created. There are challenges and addressing them will require a multidimensional approach. Healthcare professionals, data scientists and policy makers should come together to address all challenges.

The initiative is a result of extensive work by a team of doctors from Sancheti Hospital and IT professionals from Pune-based Script Lanes for the last one year. The tool is modelled to be an evidence-based generative AI for orthopaedics built on LLM and a cognitive search model that provides answers to queries with citations to recent literature and also related videos.

Dr Parag Sancheti, Chairman of Sancheti Hospital; Dr Ashok Shyam, consultant orthopaedic surgeon and head of academics and research at Sancheti Hospital; Dr Neeraj Bijlani, consultant orthopaedic surgeon; and Rohan Lunawat and Amit Yerudkar, managing partners Script Lanes were present on the occasion. Explaining the concept, Dr Ashok Shyam, said that decision-making is generally based on three aspects – the surgeon’s clinical experience, current literature and the patient’s requirement.

It is challenging to keep up with current literature which is dynamic, vast and ever-expanding. Every surgeon’s experience varies too. So it will help if we have shared experiences. Hence OrthoAI takes into account both aspects and searches the literature through PubMed and experience based knowledge from OrthoTV. So it is like a co-pilot for orthopaedic surgeons in making decisions. Since these decisions are optimised by literature and shared experiences, it can help in using resources in a better way. AI is an evolving concept and we will keep evolving with a tab on ethics and safety,” Dr Shyam said.

Dr Neeraj Bijlani said the concept would be useful especially in complex cases in older patients with comorbidities like diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension and paediatric age groups with congenital abnormalities or in any complex cases. Different surgeons use different methods to handle complications and therefore this literature and shared experiences will help in knowing how other experts are managing those cases, he pointed out.

Dr Sancheti also said that the initiative is aimed at helping orthopaedics deliver best outcomes for the patient .