Prestigious Institute of Medical Biology has chosen TDBioBank for biorepositories solution

The prestigious Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) in Singapore has chosen TDBioBank from TECHNIDATA, the software supplier for clinical laboratories and biorepositories, for its three research laboratories specialized in Genetics, Skin and Stem cells.
Focus on research
The IMB is one of the research institutes at the Biomedical Research Council of the Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. It is a public entity mainly focused on scientific research. The increasing interactions between different laboratory specialties creates a growing need for storage and management of biological resources. 
"The IMB was looking for a dedicated biobanking solution, which could be shared and used by its 3 laboratories specialized in Genetics, Skin and Stem cells. With features such as the clinical annotation form designer, the pedigree chart manager, or query and label printing tools, we were able to promptly provide the solution that met their needs. The system is now running routinely to their full satisfaction_”, explains Christophe GUITART-ARNAU, Product Manager at TECHNIDATA. 
The three laboratories of the research institute are today linked via TDBioBank and can efficiently manage their biological resources, in particular for their research project on “_Genetic and functional characterization of orphan disease_”. This project seeks to explore rare recessive diseases related to certain populations with consanguineous marriages, resulting in anomalies such as Wrinkly skin
Constant Product Evolution 
 Developed to meet the demands of biorepositories, who need to value and promote their biological resources and collections for research, diagnosis, and donation, TDBioBank provides full traceability, optimal storage management and interoperability facilities, to easily integrate them into existing healthcare systems and disciplinary cross-over in terms of laboratory process. 
“TECHNIDATA is a historic player in the field of biobanking software solutions. We have developed a proven expertise and are able to respond to all kinds of needs, from the simplest to the most complex ones. We ensure that TDBioBank is regularly evolving not only to answer our customer demands, quality and regulation requirements, but also to stay a step ahead.
For example, in the upcoming version, we will introduce a new feature allowing patient anonymity to be irreversible through a hashing process, while ensuring the ability to update all patient data through a chaining method. This feature will avoid the use of correspondence tables, and will not only save significant time for users but is also essential in protecting patient confidentiality”, _explains Christophe
Europe Biobank Week 
September 13-16, 2016 
Vienna, Austria 
TECHNIDATA booth #48A 
With over 40 years’ experience in the field of laboratory management, TECHNIDATA is a leading global software supplier for clinical,anatomic-pathology laboratories and biobank information systems. Developed in full compliance with the ISO 9001/ISO 13485 quality standards, TECHNIDATA software products are distributed in more than 25 countries worldwide and cover all the clinical laboratory disciplines:
Press contact:
Sylvie DAM 
Head of Communication