Radiology Group Reads Around The Clock With Inteleone


Intelerad® Medical Systems, a recognized leader in medical imaging PACS and workflow solutions, announced that Radiology Imaging Consultants, SC (RIC) will be leveraging InteleOne™ to offer a new range of services, including full overnight coverage with final interpretation to hospitals and emergency departments. RIC is a large radiology practice with 75 radiologists reading and reporting over 850,000 studies per year throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

InteleOne’s distributed architecture combined with RIC’s unique workflow will enable real time interpretations of exams as they are being performed. RIC radiologists will get secure, instantaneous, and transparent access to medical information and images, including prior exams.

“InteleOne allows us to provide the same high quality diagnostic interpretations as we offer during regular hours, but on a 24/7/365 day basis,” said Abraham J. Bronner, MD, MBA and CEO of Radiology Imaging Consultants. “This means radiologists can access all orders, see all prior exams and reports at the point of interpretation, automatically and from any location.”

Additionally, facilities also benefit from RIC and Intelerad’s InteleOne solution. “Having a final interpretation even at night makes a huge difference in turnaround time, especially for Emergency Room situations where physicians don’t like to work from preliminary reads,” said Kathi Yeiser, Radiology Director for Ohio County Hospital, Hartford Kentucky. “Ultimately, the real benefits are better patient care”.

“We are very pleased that our partnership with RIC has shown constructive improvements for all those involved,” said Chris Henri, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Intelerad. “We are confident that InteleOne will help RIC offer high-quality services by providing a streamlined unified workflow.”

About Intelerad

Intelerad Medical Systems is a recognized leader in medical imaging PACS and workflow solutions. IntelePACS® relies on a scalable, flexible, and fault-tolerant architecture. Intelerad solutions like InteleOne have a strong reputation for reliability, flexibility, and performance in complex, multi-site environments with challenging workflows.

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