Renowned New Zealand Skin Cancer Surgeon Dr. Sharad Paul Fights New Epidemic In U.S. Joined By Stars

Increasing racial divides and lack of skin cancer awareness spur New Zealand's expert skin surgeon-scientist Dr. Sharad Paul to wage an ongoing campaign for diversity, detection and healing during his bi-coastal USA visit in September 2015.

A recognized innovator in skin grafts and skincare cosmetics, Dr. Sharad Paul's latest medical advance against the ravages of skin cancer is a new scalp flap he has developed to combat skin cancer. The news of President Carter's melanoma cancer diagnosis highlights this critical issue for the public.

Dr. Paul's medical insights on the science of skin color provide a new platform to tackle critically needed social changes.  Scientific facts help to heal the epidemic of hatred and murder directed at minorities of color, a global platform he has shared with Hugh Jackman, Robert De Niro and Tina Brown.  Oxford University held a dinner in his honor. Skin facts Vs myths, if taught to U.S. law enforcement may rank alongside skin cancer detection as a life-saving program, he says. Dr. Paul was asked by the Commissioner of the NZ Police to be a 'Wing Patron' for a NZ Police unit.

"Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand and Australia with the highest numbers in the world," Dr. Paul notes.  In the United States, melanoma kills an American every hour. High levels of UV radiation in daylight savings months and low ozone levels are contributory factors.  Dr. Paul's De Natura Melanoma Poetry book centers the narrative in medicine to improve communication between physicians and patients.

California notes the highest rates for melanoma in San Luis Obispo county, and 2 Californians die of melanoma daily.  New York State melanoma cases (CDC) in 2013 cited 4,200 cases and 459 deaths yearly.  The cost to treat melanoma cancers in the United States can reach 3.2 billion dollars by 2020.  Melanoma is listed as the leading cause of cancer death for young adults 25-29. The U.S. gov website SunWise states that 11,000 future cases of skin cancer can be prevented by safety measures to save the United States $30 million in medical costs and productivity.

Dr. Sharad Paul emphasizes that skin cancer can be reduced with proper advice and education. His new case book "Clinical Cases in Skin Cancer Surgery and Treatment" (Springer), is scheduled for release in the USA . His groundbreaking book "SKIN" is heralded as a great "biography".

A global citizen, born in England, with roots in India, and based down under in Australia and New Zealand, Dr. Paul was awarded New Zealand's highest medical honor in 2012.  Dr. Sharad Paul's invitation to speak at the noted Jaipur International Book Festival in India in January 2016 rekindles his Indian and English roots as a world author of fiction and non-fiction and a celebrated scientist. Oprah Winfrey was a keynote speaker at Jaipur in 2012.

Dr. Paul uniquely gives up a day a week of his busy surgical practice to personally teach creative writing to children from disadvantaged schools to lift performance. This landed him a position on the National Commission of UNESCO 2006-2013, and in 2012 he was a finalist for the New Zealander of the year award (having earned 3 nominations). When the Republican Presidential-contender Dr. Ben Carson visited New Zealand in 2014, Dr. Paul and Dr. Carson had a private meeting discussing their medical work and passion for educating school children.  By example, Dr. Paul's New Zealand schools short story competition, monetary rewards and a $5,000 library of books to the winner's school sparks others to dedicate their time and resources to the future of children's education worldwide.