Rhodes Group Leverages InterSystems to Improve Hepatitis C Treatment in New Mexico


InterSystems, a provider of next-generation solutions for enterprise digital transformation to help customers solve the most critical data challenges, announced the next phase of its partnership with the Rhodes Group: to improve Hepatitis C treatments in the state of New Mexico with innovative analytics that aggregate, sort, and present a patient’s status with one click. As part of the initiative, the Rhodes Group leveraged InterSystems IRIS for Health™ to create unified views of patient data and translate lab results into actionable insights for providers – leading to better treatment of Hepatitis C patients.

InterSystems IRIS for Health is a data platform developed specifically for extracting value from healthcare data. Rhodes Group, a software services company supporting labs and health systems, uses the interoperability and high-performance data management capabilities of the platform to take in Hepatitis C information from laboratories across the state and present it in an easily digestible format to be sent back to the New Mexico State Health Information Exchange (HIE), SYNCRONYS. Providers can now easily log in to a single source and render a patient profile from the HIE to access their complete Hepatitis C status and history. This enables better data collection and analysis of cases in the state and empowers providers to treat – and cure – patients living with this disease.

New Mexico has one of the largest populations in the nation of individuals infected with the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). There are roughly 45,000 living with the chronic infection, and nearly half of them are unaware that they have the disease, according to a profile of the epidemic by the New Mexico Department of Health. Although treatments for HCV remain expensive, the cost pales in comparison to liver transplants, which are an inevitable consequence of prolonged, untreated disease.

To address this, New Mexico has accelerated its efforts to treat HCV through a Uniform HCV Checklist, which requires providers to retrieve patients’ laboratory data. The Rhodes Group innovative HCV Summary tool streamlines this process and enhances the clinical utility of the data by aggregating, sorting, and immediately displaying the patient’s Hepatitis C laboratory and medication data in one click.

“When a state is faced with a complex public health challenge, it’s important to make health information sharing as seamless as possible,” said Don Woodlock, Head of Healthcare Solutions at InterSystems. “Easy access to accurate data and comprehensive analysis of patient profiles can help clinicians determine the most effective treatment plan. We’re proud to partner with the Rhodes Group to harness data more effectively for the benefit of the citizens of New Mexico.”

“The outbreak of Hepatitis C cases in New Mexico over the years has become a serious problem for the community,” said James Brown, CEO of Rhodes Group. “Better diagnosis and treatment requires an individual’s longitudinal lab data, and our solution is delivering. The initial project doubled the number of known Hepatitis C cases and enables a provider to understand their patient’s condition in one click. What’s more, state public health officials can now see treatment and case trends to understand this epidemic in near real-time. Thanks to the nimbleness and connectivity options within InterSystems IRIS for Health, we are now providing accurate and complete data to ensure better overall treatment of patients – a big lift that we achieved on time and on budget.”

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