Self Care Catalysts & IQVIA Announce a Global Digital Real-world Evidence Platform Agreement


Self Care Catalysts announced it has partnered with IQVIA to provide a fully customizable Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) platform. “We are so pleased to be working with IQVIA as a partner. Working on a global level across all Therapeutic Areas with IQVIA has been a pleasure and we are looking forward to a synergistic approach to Decentralized Clinical Trials especially in the Real World Evidence space, where longitudinal patient-driven data, combined with clinical and medical data supports drug development, market access and most importantly patient care are the premium value we are building” stated Grace Almendras-Castillo, Founder & CEO of Self-Care Catalysts.

About Self Care Catalysts

Self Care Catalysts offers a truly global end-to-end disease agnostic, fully customizable, patient-centric DCT platform. The Self Care Catalysts platform includes the Health Storylines Creator clinical interface, which allows for real-world data collection, patient monitoring, patient engagement, and expanding opportunities for collaboration within and between stakeholder organizations. Capabilities of this platform include complete EMR and third-party data integration as well as seamless device and wearable integration, data management, and full synchronous and asynchronous e-Consent abilities used in regulatory settings in North America and Europe. Self Care Catalysts also offers direct and indirect access to patients for virtual recruiting, configuration-driven App development, and App hosting.


IQVIA’s investment strategy for accelerating innovation has been to bring together deep scientific expertise and an expanding technology portfolio to disrupt clinical development and real-world evidence generation models through the use of predictive analytic algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and integrated technology architecture. The result is a more human, and more humane, approach to research that can now be designed to proactively address common issues from the beginning while also achieving the two critical objectives of maintaining the scientific rigor required to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and avoiding costly delays.