Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care center enhances patient care with Elekta Axesse


New Treatment Option for Patients with Tumors of the Brain, Spine and Body.

New Treatment Option for Patients with Tumors of the Brain, Spine and Body.

Elekta, the world leader in advanced radiation therapy and radiosurgery solutions, announced today that Skagit Valley Hospital has purchased Elekta Axesse™ , adding the latest generation of Elekta technology to its stable of cancer treatment systems. The new system is for the entire body and has features which allow clinicians to treat cancer tumors more precisely and effectively.

Mount Vernon, WA-based Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center has been using Elekta’s pioneering technologies since 2006 for intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT ) and image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT ) treatments. The addition of Elekta Axesse means the hospital can now offer treatment to more patients for a wider range of cancer tumors.

The advanced three-dimensional (3D) imaging capabilities of Elekta Axesse facilitate rapid, precise targeting of tumors, and the highly conformal radiation delivery system effectively treats tumors throughout the body while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy tissue. The system enables sub-millimeter accuracy by planning in 3D and imaging patients in 3D prior to treatment. In addition, the system’s sophisticated software – including one integrated display monitor with treatment planning, electronic medical record (EMR) technology and system controls – Elekta Axesse streamlines clinicians’ workflow to help cut treatment times for patients.

The addition of Elekta Axesse to our facility is great news for both clinicians and patients. Our clinicians will see a more efficient workflow while patients will get the benefit of shorter treatment times, said Peggy Perry, Oncology Service Line Director at Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center. It also means that we can treat up to 20 more patients a day for a wider range of tumors including those in the lung, liver and prostate.

Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center is a 17,000-square-foot facility, currently treating around 45 radiation patients during a 12-hour scheduling window. The center will take delivery of the Elekta Axesse in October, and begin treating patients shortly thereafter.

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Elekta's systems and solutions are used in over 5,000 hospitals around the world. Clinical and information management solutions include, among others, Leksell Gamma Knife® for non-invasive treatment of brain disorders, Elekta Axesse™ and Elekta Synergy® for stereotactic and image guided radiation therapy and radiosurgery as well as the MOSAIQ® suite of software for image-enabled EMR and efficient management of clinical and patient data.

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