SKS Hospital, Salem installs Carestream’s new FDA approved Detector for Pediatric studies


Radiographic imaging of pediatric patients presents a number of unique challenges compared to the imaging of adults. The reduction of radiation dose is the biggest challenge facing paediatric radiologists today. This is not only due to children’s higher sensitivity to radiation, but also to the cumulative effect of the radiation. To address this, SKS Hospital, Salem installed Carestream India’s first DRX Plus 2530C Detector to be used alongwith their existing DRX Revolution mobile DR system in April 2022.

The unique demands of pediatric imaging require a systemwide approach to guarantee high-quality imaging at the lowest possible patient exposure to the most sensitive patients. This critical challenge can be overcome by using Carestream’s DRX Plus 2530C higher resolution detector combined with an exceptional image processing software Image View used for post processing the images for further diagnosis.

This newly designed small-format detector is made up of cesium iodide technology and which is extremely high in resolution, capable to capture the fine detail of smaller anatomical structures present in pediatric patients.

Due to the unique X-Factor shareability the detector can be used across with the other Carestream DRX rooms and mobile systems for pediatric imaging. It can be used to capture extremities and other general radiography exams as well, offering valuable improvements in small-format imaging throughout the hospital, be it from the NICU to orthopaedics, surgery or tabletop exams.

Mr. Edwin Pinto, XRS Business Manager – India Cluster, Carestream says, “The DRX Plus 2530C provides an ideal solution for pediatric exams, with easy positioning in NICU incubator trays and pediatric ICU. The light weight of the detector makes it easier for patient positioning and the software capability provides a more consistent acquisition and display of images for patients within a given body size and age range”.

Dr Suresh Viswanathan, Managing Director, SKS HOSPITAL & Postgraduate Medical Institute, added, “At our institute we recently installed DRX Revolution portable X-ray along with the DRX PLUS 2530C detector. This detector fits into the neonatal incubator tray allowing X-rays to be taken without disturbing the babies, lowering the possibility of infection and avoids accidental extubation. Our Neonatologist also loves the convenience of being able to visualize the images instantly, at the bedside, which is invaluable for confirming the placement of the endotracheal tube as well as confirming or adjusting the position of central lines. Our Radiologist has appreciated the excellent image quality achieved at the lowest dose. As an administrator I find being able to use the DRX Plus 2530C detector across all Carestream DRX products results in a quicker return on investment.”

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