Spencer Health Solutions Breakthrough Direct-to-Patient Technology Achieves 97% Medication Adherence


Three years in the market, the spencer® Direct-to-Patient platform is consistently demonstrating a new standard of greater than 95% adherence among chronically-ill patients. Adherence for some individuals managing on average seven medications daily has reached 97% this year.

“No matter what you throw at spencer, patients remain adherent,” said Alan Menius, CSO with Spencer Health Solutions, the RTP-based health technology company that developed the spencer platform to help people manage their health and medications from home. “I haven’t found a therapy area, comorbidity or demographic where that population of spencer patients’ adherence level differs compared to other spencer patients.”

In addition to taking their medications as prescribed, the patients – most with at least two chronic illnesses, used spencer’s touch screen to answer health questions 75% of the time. Tailored by disease, or personalized for individuals, the questions are designed to capture patient feedback with each pre-packaged medication dispense.

Initially introduced in the care management market, the telehealth platform is now available in clinical research where it extends patient reach in hybrid trials. Studies show that 40% of patients become non-adherent within the first 150 days of a clinical trial.

“Interacting with spencer is habit forming, making it an ideal platform to conduct real world studies,” said Tom Rhoads, Spencer Health CEO. “Adherence to trial drugs leads to better evidence in clinical research.”

Menius analyzed data for patients using spencer over at least six months, and some for up to three years, in their homes in the U.S and Canada. While 76% of spencer patients have two or more chronic conditions, 44% have three or more. Central nervous system disorders – including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and depression – account for 61% of patient conditions; while cardiovascular conditions, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), hypertension and elevated cholesterol, are treated in 43% of the user group.

The average age of current spencer users is 68, with 53% of the population female and 47% male. Half of the patients take between five and 11 medications, vitamins and supplements every day.

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