Surgery Exchange Officially Launches WebBased Platform to Streamline Implant Surgeries

Through Surgery Exchange™, a HIPAA-compliant, web-based platform, hospitals, surgeons, manufacturers and vendors can plan, manage, track and bill implant 
surgeries – streamlining the process, and reducing costs while increasing accuracy and compliance.
Surgery Exchange assists healthcare providers in meeting CMS bundled pricing rules. It also enables them to maintain revision surgery compliance and better respond to an audit by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).
"The process for managing implant surgeries is extremely complex, requiring intense, manual interaction across multiple entities and individuals," says Amin Rahme, president and CEO of Surgery Exchange. "Our goal with Surgery Exchange is to simplify the process – helping healthcare providers collaborate and address ongoing challenges in the continuously-changing landscape of implant surgeries." 
Most hospital IT systems are not designed to manage the complex requirements of Bill-Only implant cases. As a result, case preparation, usage recording, reconciliation and billing activities must be handled manually. Surgery Exchange automates these time-consuming activities, transitioning surgery workflow from a manual process that can be ripe with inaccuracies to a proven, technology-driven process – reducing manpower duplications and redundancies.
By improving visibility and accountability for managing vendor contract pricing and compliance pre- and post-surgery, as well as alerting hospitals to what vendors intend to bring to the OR, Surgery Exchange results in measureable improvements throughout the hospital workflow process and price control.
The research and development of Surgery Exchange encompassed more than three years of collaboration with hospitals, surgeons and device manufacturers. Surgery Exchange launched a limited, controlled rollout in February 2015, and is currently being utilized in seven hospitals, with more than 10 additional hospitals in the process of adopting the platform.