Tenacore LLC and OB Healthcare Announce Strategic Partnership


Tenacore LLC and OB Healthcare are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Tenacore’s depot-based, comprehensive healthcare technology solutions with OB Healthcare’s field-based preventative maintenance and project management solutions.

Health systems, independent service organizations (ISOs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) alike face occasional variability in biomedical engineering resource availability, especially in the event of large-scale medical equipment preventative maintenance (PM) projects. As a result, there is frequent demand for additional resources to manage these types of projects, which is where OB Healthcare excels. During project assessment, units that do not pass quality control and require further evaluation and/or repair will be sent directly to a Tenacore service depot, instead of working with a separate vendor or dispositioning these units. Our partnership allows clients to work under one agreement.

“This seamless solution allows for our customers to focus on managing their many other priorities and to be assured that their equipment will be quickly returned to patient use in full working order,” said Jim Willett, CEO, Tenacore LLC.

Through the Tenacore-OB Healthcare partnership, the organizations can deliver their On-Site Project Support, Service and Repair solution. This truly differentiated solution is a hybrid medical equipment service offering, allowing both companies to deliver a combination of on-site project management and depot-based service and repair.

Leveraging proprietary software technology developed by OB Healthcare, the organizations are able to execute against large scale projects with unparalleled speed and accuracy. “This software is exclusively tailored for the technicians performing preventative maintenance,” said Austin Otto, President, OB Healthcare. “It was designed with accurate and live reporting, enabling real-time status updates and the electronic delivery of service reports and documentation to a customer’s existing computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).”

The healthcare industry is continuing to evolve, and more demands are being placed on the healthcare technology management (HTM) community than ever before. The combined capabilities and market leading expertise of Tenacore and OB Healthcare represents a partnership designed to further support the HTM community by addressing these additional demands in a new and differentiated way.

About OB Healthcare

Founded in 2007, OB Healthcare is a national clinical engineering company and a leading provider of specialized biomedical services. Using advanced processes, nationwide resources, and innovative proprietary software, OB Healthcare provides a powerful competitive advantage that can help save time and money.

About Tenacore

Tenacore LLC is a healthcare technology management company providing clinical equipment lifecycle solutions to the global healthcare technology community through quality service delivery and dedication to continuous improvement. Specializing in the depot-based service and repair of a broad range of medical equipment, Tenacore’s expansion across the United States paired with its multi-vendor service expertise and scalability uniquely positions the company to offer a cost effective and quality alternative to site-based service. In February of 2020, The Courtney Group based in Newport, CA, collaborated with Indianapolis based Centerfield Capital Partners to invest in the acquisition of Tenacore LLC.