VIVO Agency Launches STATInsights, the First Online C-Suite Advisory Panel Devoted to Health Tech


VIVO Agency, the healthcare marketing agency specializing in health technology (health tech) has announced the launch of STATInsights, a proprietary online subscription-based C-suite advisory panel. STATInsights is the first-of-its-kind to focus exclusively on giving health tech marketers access to C-level decision makers at complex health systems to gain the quick-turn qualitative insights they need to create informed marketing plans.

Through its extensive experience in health tech marketing, VIVO Agency uncovered marketers needs for a greater understanding of C-Suite executives needs, opinions and ways they make decisions, which has become critical during this time of rapid evolution in the healthcare industry. Until now, there have been services providing either general insights about the c-suite, or time-consuming and expensive custom market research. STATInsights is the first to offer a different approach — agile, cost-effective access to a C-suite panel that provides immediate intelligence and answers specifically for the health tech industry.

STATInsights provides knowledge that informs health tech marketers looking to redefine marketing strategies and those looking to create new, forward-thinking business models that place them ahead of changes to how healthcare systems operate and provide care to their patients.

“For companies in the medical device and diagnostics industry to remain competitive, they must see themselves as more than simply vendors,” states Tom Dudnyk, VIVO Agency s president. “They have to be able to position themselves as risk-sharing and problem-solving partners in a healthcare systems efforts to provide care across a continuum. STATInsights gives marketers the knowledge and guidance to make the strategic changes needed to thrive and drive a business to the forefront of their sector.”

Designed as the equivalent of a C-Suite advisory board, STATInsights panel is made up of handpicked healthcare executives, with titles including CEO, COO, CNO, CIO, and VP of Clinical Services. Panelists come from numerous complex healthcare systems spanning multi-hospital and multi-post-acute care, and primary care practices. They represent organizations with annual gross revenues up to $3 billion from different regions around the country. To ensure objectivity, panelists identities are unknown by other panel members or the clients who are seeking STATInsights services.

Clients who subscribe can have STATInsights present questions to the panel whenever a need arises. STATInsights research experts work hand-in-hand with clients to create research queries specifically designed to garner the most salient feedback and distill that information into high-level executive summaries within as little as a week.

Company: VIVO Agency

VIVO Agency is a healthcare marketing agency that specializes in devices, diagnostics, and health IT. By uniquely focusing our full-service capabilities on these sectors, VIVO can see farther and go deeper than any other healthcare marketing agency. With over 80 companies using our practices, we have helped transform their marketing from focusing on product features to providing the partnership solutions that their customers need. We help our clients create a new level of customer demand by remodeling the device and diagnostics marketing landscape.

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