Webinar to Provide a UV Vis Workflow to Support the Diagnostic Reliability of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH)


The SAH diagnosis of choice is a computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain. The scan is accurate up to 12 hours after an SAH event in 98% of cases. During the first week following the SAH event, the diagnostic accuracy drops to 50%. To avoid false negatives and improve diagnostic accuracy, a control measurement is necessary. One possibility for improving diagnostic accuracy is by using spectrophotometric analysis of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as described in the “Revised national guidelines for analysis of cerebrospinal fluid for bilirubin in suspected subarachnoid haemorrhage” a research article, first published in 2008 by Dr. Anne Cruickshank.

UV Vis Workflow Increases Diagnostic Reliability

LabX® laboratory software from METTLER TOLEDO supports the automatic UV Vis solution for SAH control measurement. LabX automatically detects the presence of hemoglobin and bilirubin and calculates the absorbance. The method also runs the implemented decision tree and gives the user a prompt result. The process can be easily started via the instrument or a PC. The measurement, results and outcome are stored in a database and can be retrieved at any time.

Find out more in the free on Demand Webinar on www.mt.com/SAH-diagnosis

Author: Dr. Hans-Joachim Muhr

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Dr. Hans-Joachim Muhr is the head of the strategic product Group UV/VIS at Mettler Toledo GmbH, Analytical. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland, he extended his professional spectrum with an Exec. MBA. With over 16 years of experience in project innovation management and global sales & marketing for analytical instruments and 8 years executive management responsibility in analytical instrument businesses he became a well-known figure in the analytical industry.

Company: Mettler-Toledo GmbH

METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global supplier of precision instruments and services. METTLER TOLEDO also holds top-three market positions in several related analytical instruments. Additional information about METTLER TOLEDO can be found at www.mt.com.

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