Worlds only hygienic digital urine test launched at Arab Health 2019


The world’s only hygienic, easy-to-use and accurate digital point-of-care urine test is being launched at Arab Health 2019 by UK company, Clinical Design.

The revolutionary Urine Testing System™ has been designed to improve the entire process from receiving the sample and recording results, to analysis in the laboratory.

The highly-intuitive system features sealed, leak-proof samples, automatically-timed readings and the ability to save digital results directly into the patient’s electronic health record.

No decanting is required, reducing the risk of contamination and false positive samples being sent to laboratories. Digital readings are also more accurate compared to manual urinalysis as they eliminate variation in subjective analysis and the risk of error during manual recording.

Urine Testing System™ works seamlessly as a closed integrated system and includes a patented, single-use cap containing reagent pads to test ten parameters: leukocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, specific gravity, ketone, bilirubin and glucose.

Once the patient has collected the urine sample, the healthcare professional simply connects UTS-10 Cap™; creating a sealed, leak-proof module. This UTS module is then loaded into the UTS Digital Analyser™ and the automatically-timed, digital results are shown on the integrated LCD screen or in the UTS Desktop Software™ if connected to a computer.

The sample can be disposed of in clinical waste or be sent to the laboratory with no need to decant. It is specially designed to fit in standard laboratory racking – and can be purchased with or without boric acid depending on laboratory requirements.

Oliver Blackwell, CEO of Clinical Design, said: “We have developed a simple integrated system that increases the efficacy of patient point-of-care urine testing and improves first-time diagnosis. It is the only closed urine testing system available anywhere in the world and we are delighted to be able to showcase it at Arab Health 2019.”

Point-of-care testing is an ever-increasing area of healthcare for doctors and healthcare professionals globally. Globally, it is estimated that 2.8 billion point-of-care urine tests are carried out for things such as the diagnoses of acute infections, monitoring kidney and liver disease, as well as diabetes.

The current test takes approximately one to two minutes and risks include spillage of a contaminated sample, as well as human errors during analysis and/or the manual recording into a patient’s records.

Clinical Design have chosen to launch Urine Testing System™ at Arab Health as it is the international hub for modern healthcare and innovation in the Middle East and beyond.

The senior leadership team from Clinical Design are attending the four-day exhibition to meet distributors from all territories. The company is looking for global partners who recognise the commercial opportunity that this digital innovation will bring to their market and portfolio.

Clinical Design have also been invited to present their Urine Testing System™ at the Innov8 Talks, under the theme ‘Patient Engagement and Monitoring’, on Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 12:30 – 14:30. The Innov8 Talks are 8 pitches, all 8 minutes long, taking place every day of Arab Health. With a dedicated theme revolving around innovation in healthcare, the judging panel will determine the best pitch at the end of each day.

Clinical Design research, develop and produce medical devices. They are a UK based company addressing global healthcare issues. Working intensively alongside clinicians, Clinical Design seek to improve care, efficacy and performance through technological innovation and intelligent design.

Clinical Design are supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the NHS South West AHSN Digital Health Accelerator programme. Clinical Design have invested more than £1.5 million into developing a bespoke manufacturing environment, complete with production and assembly equipment, at a custom-built facility in Cornwall, UK.

They have multiple international patents filed and granted and are conducting extensive research and testing in a number of other medical device technologies.