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A Connected Healthcare Network

A connected health network where well-being is promoted & the quality of care is transformed, where knowledge, service & trust merge & expand the...

Unified Communications for Health

Dr. Bill Crounse, Senior Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Corporation speaks about Microsoft's Unified Communication Technologies for Healthcare.

Transforming Healthcare through Technology

This video show the future connect between Caregivers and Patients. How technology will ease the communication system and will transform the method of work.

The pocket ultrasound imaging device

This pocket ultrasound system is a great device to help quickly access the patient situation. Siemens Acuson P10 is the first pocket ultrasound imaging...

Clinical research data sharing promises new cures and treatments

Clinical research generates extensive amounts of data, yet most of it is siloed or generally unavailable to a larger pool of willing potential researchers....

Enhancing Clinical Practice with Evidence-Based Technology Tools

An interview with Michelle Troseth, Chief Professional Practice Officer at Elsevier Clinical Solutions. Michelle is associated with Elsevier from past 10 years...


Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine - HHMGlobal Dec. 2019 Issue

Dec 2019 ebook

The way we perceive care-giving is continuously changing and the demand for speedy processes is more than ever. The industry leaders have already defined that empowering processes is the way out to keep up with the changing landscape of global healthcare needs.

Keeping Process Driven Approach as our top priority, we introduce our latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine with a spotlight on this impeccable move to eminence.