5 Tips for Starting & Running a Successful Dental Practice


For many dentists, working as an associate may not be enough. If you would prefer to be your own boss and have more freedom and flexibility in what you do, running your own dental practice may be suited to you.

Understandably, your number one concern will be the wellbeing and satisfaction of your patients, so it’s vital that you create an operation that exudes excellent customer service. Whether you’re about to launch your dental practice, or you want to boost patient numbers, here are five useful tips on how to run a successful dental practice.

1. Create a Business Plan

Before launching your dental practice, it’s vital that you create a business plan. Designed to outline your objectives and goals, a business plan will add structure to your operation. To expand your patient base, you will need to include marketing tactics to spread the word of your practice. If you have built up a reputation working as a dental associate, you may already have patients who are willing to use your practice. Planning and organization are key when it comes to running a successful dental practice.

2. Know Your Finances

For your dental practice to be a success, you need to establish how you’re going to fund the venture. As a small business, finding money to support your practice can be difficult, so you may want to consider taking out a medical business loan. If you’re passionate about making your dental practice a success, obtaining the funds needed to launch is vital.

3. Expand Your Services

So patients get the best care and choice possible, you should consider expanding your team. Providing a variety of services will draw more patients in and keep your operation running successfully. Hiring dentists who have varied specialties such as a dental surgeon and dental hygienist will grow your patient base.

4. Use User-Friendly Scheduling

Cancellations, schedule changes, and new bookings are common practice in a dental practice, meaning it’s more important than ever that you invest in a digitalized scheduling system. Doing so will help you manage patient schedules better, and ensure the system is as stress-free as possible. The system you use will allow your team members to keep updated with patient information, meaning that they can provide the right services to each patient individually.

5. Include Dental Financing Options

We all know how expensive dentistry and related services can be, so when you take into account that many patients who require dental services won’t have dental insurance, it’s likely that they will avoid using your services. To add more value to the types of services you provide, you should create a financial policy that is cost-effective for your patients. Showing that you value your patients and are willing to ease the burden on how they pay for their treatment will turn first-time patients into loyal followers of your dental practice.

Launching your own dental practice will take hard work, time, patience, and money, so using all the tips listed above can contribute towards creating a successful dental practice.