Tips to manage hospital visit anxiety


For some people, the idea of an extended stay in the hospital, or even just a quick routine visit, can be a rather distressing thing to face up to.

If you often find yourself getting worked up and worried over what might happen during your next hospital, you might end up looking for some guidance and support on how to handle these visits more effectively.

To help you stay calm and collected during all your future hospital visits, we’ve put together a handful of tips on managing hospital visit anxiety.

Talk to your doctor

You might feel some apprehension overtalking to your doctor about medical issues, especially if you’re already uncomfortable with hospitals in general. However, taking the plunge and opening up a dialogue with your doctor (and other health care professionals) can be a really positive first step.

For example, your first step might just be telling your doctor that you’re worried about what might happen during a medical procedure. Your doctor would then spend a few minutes listening to you and discussing your concerns. As the average settlement for medical malpractice in a particularly serious situation could be very high, your entire healthcare team are committed to providing excellent care to their patients at every stage.

As you gain more confidence talking about medical issues, you could start to ask for more specific details about whatever procedures you’re in for, such as what the procedure actually does to benefit you. Being able to clearly picture exactly why a medical procedure needs to take place can help you focus on the bigger picture.

Vent to your friends
Before going into the hospital, you could try spending some time with a friend and getting everything off your chest. This way, you’ll be able to head into your appointment with a much clearer head.

You could also consider asking if a friend or family member could join you at the hospital, so that there’s a familiar, friendly face nearby throughout your procedure. It’s a simple thing, but having someone you know being there for you when you’re worried can be immensely reassuring

Distract yourself
Sometimes, one of the worst things about a doctor’s visit is getting stuck in your own head and worrying even more  because there’s nothing else to focus on. If you find this happening often, it might be particularly helpful to bring a few home comforts with you during your visit.

Bringing a book that you’ve been looking forward to reading, or listening to some calming music, can be simple yet effective ways to calm yourself during an otherwise stressful hospital stay.

If you follow this advice, but find that nothing seems to be helping and you’re still as anxious as you used to be, it might be worth talking to a professional counsellor. They might be able to help you get past your anxiety, or find more therapeutic coping methods.

However much you suffer with hospital visit anxiety, remember that hospital staff are there to take care of you and ensure that you’re as healthy and as taken care of as they can.