Types of Siberia snus


Types of Siberia snus

Siberia snus is a type of snus that is popularly known for its unimaginable nicotine quantity of 43mg/g and invigorating spearmint savor.Siberia 80°C  is extreme snus that is processed in portions of white dry.Siberia snus is outstanding because it has a spicy taste and the nicotine quantity in it is almost equal to the 5 normal strong snus.

It Kicks one’s heels!

“It kicks in the heels !”  is the feeling most users would describe after they used the Siberiasnus. The contents of the white dry Siberia slowly dissolving under your lip into your mouth as it releases its shock waving feeling, this can be seen as a  turnoff but this feeling occasionally happens to the newbies but for those who regularly use snus the feeling is a little bit mild. There are different other varieties of Siberia snus if you want to taste other flovors that are little less mild than the Siberia white dry portion.This product is worth being kicked in the heels for

It is evident that Siberia snus is a worthwhile pouch bag that will probably be spending white some time under your lip because its moistures are well equated without being too wet or too dry so helping extend the releaseof flavors.But slightly wet enough to give a good feeling under your tongue.

Types of Siberia snus

They are support systems for a number of snus products which include:

  • Siberia brown portion this variety goes for $3.29.
  • Siberia white dry portion this variety goes for $3.29
  • Siberia slim portion this variety goes for $3.49 
  • Siberia slim white this type of Siberia goes for $3.49 
  • Siberia slim white dry this goes for $3.49.
  • Siberia white white

 Which type of snus do you use?

Depending on the type of snus you use, you will definitely find the variety that will suit you since there are different flavors of Siberia snus and quantities. They process a perfect combination of everything: choolate,mint,and different other varieties.

How to use Siberia loose snus

If you are a newbie then here are clear guidelines on how to use it.

  • unlock the snus can.
  • Place your index finger and thumb in the can.
  •  fetch a small quantity of snus with your index finger and thumb. Lift it out of the tin
  • Raise your lip
  • put the fetched snus under it between the lip and the gum.
  •  after a short while if it is your first time you will have a dizzy and rush feeling that is why it is important to be next to somewhere you can sit when using it.

Siberia portion snus

It comes in different sizes mini, large and maxi in sachet similar to tea bags but smaller ones the mini has a 0.5 gm quantity,the large one has about 1gm then finally the maxi one has 0.5gm. You choose the size you want to purchase depending on the amount you can handle at a bit.