When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?


Tooth removal might be a necessity if the tooth is damaged or broken that it’s challenging for dentists or oral surgeons to apply minor remedies. Many people think that leaving damaged teeth in their mouths can help them save money. But, failure to remove damaged teeth might lead to infections, which may lead to more expensive costs. As such, be sure to drop by dentists like this cosmetic dentist boynton beach before it is too late.

But, there might be an appropriate time when to opt for tooth extraction services. Here are five reasons why you should consider tooth extraction.

Eliminate Overcrowding Teeth

Patients that need to undergo orthodontic treatment might need extra space for the installation of specific tools like braces or retainers. These treatment options might need oral surgeons to remove teeth to make way for dental equipment.

Crowded teeth might put additional discomfort and strain on the wearer of corrective dental equipment. So, teeth removal will not only help make room for the orthodontic tools, but the process should provide enough room for the jaw, gums, and teeth to move in a desirable position.

A Potential Solution for Gum Disease

Many people might think that bleeding gums is a common occurrence when they brush or floss. But, consider this analogy – you might find it concerning if your hands bled while you’re washing them.

Bleeding and swollen gums might be early indications of periodontal or gum disease. Failure to rectify this oral concern might make the infection spread across the mouth and other areas of the body. Periodontal disease may also destroy structures that help support your teeth.

One solution to help cure periodontal disease is through tooth extraction. It’s because this ailment might loosen the connection between your teeth and gums. Extracting the offending teeth might help inhibit the spread of infection.

However, dentists might prescribe you with supporting treatments to help cure any signs of infection in your mouth.

Extract an Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth means that the tooth didn’t erupt, or it didn’t fully erupt. This scenario can cause people several problems, including pain felt where the impacted tooth lies. Third molars or wisdom teeth tend to be the set that becomes impacted.

An x-ray can help determine the existence of impacted teeth. But, tooth extraction might be the only treatment option available to remedy this dental problem. However, the extraction process might differ depending on the severity of the case.

The depth and location of the tooth may play critical roles in the intensity of the tooth extraction operation. Specific cases may only require the oral surgeon to create small incisions before removing the offending teeth. But, fully-impacted teeth might need higher-intensity procedures for the removal to become successful.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Tooth decay might be the result of improper dental hygiene. Failure to brush and floss regularly might leave foodstuff in between the gaps of your teeth. Also, eating too many sweets without proper dental care might lead to cavities, along with other tooth and gum infections.

Consider paying a dentist or oral surgeon a visit when you feel pain in your teeth when you breathe, chew, or talk. The bacteria produced by decaying teeth might cause an infection and pain. The discomfort may lead to a lower quality of life.

The dental professional might offer a root canal procedure to help treat the infection. But, severe cases of tooth decay might need the extraction to avoid infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth.

After having your teeth extracted, it might be the best time to add eating a significant amount of sweets to your “What Not to Do” list.

After an Accident

Car collisions and other accidents may happen, and these incidents might leave you with damaged or destroyed teeth. Perhaps, dentists or orthodontists might suggest methods to help preserve your teeth. These procedures might include dental bonding, crowns, or veneers.

But, if the damage is too severe for minor procedures, then tooth extraction might be a recommended solution. Extracting offending teeth and replacing them with new teeth will help recover your beaming smile after a dreadful accident.

Also, many professionals in the dental and oral sectors use updated technologies to help protect teeth from breaking again. So, the replaced teeth might be sturdier than the teeth you lost from the accident.


These moments will tell you if you need a tooth extraction. If you’re a candidate for this dental operation, it might help you if you schedule a consultation with a reliable oral surgeon today. It’s essential to schedule the appointment soon to avoid additional discomfort felt from offending teeth.