Global Human Platelet Lysate Market to Reflect Impressive Expansion During 2026: PMR Says


A human platelet lysate (HPL) is a non-animal inferred cell culture development supplement got from blood platelets after thawing and freezing. It comprises plentiful expansion aspects and cytokines important for cell development and multiplication.

Platelet lysate could be utilized as a growth source aspect to supplant bovine serum in cell culture medium. Supplanting bovine serum with HPL permits extension and clinical grade generation of useful mesenchymal stromal cells by taking out the danger of xenogeneic transmission and immune reactions of bovine prion and viral pathogens.

The global market for human platelet lysate is likely to witness an impressive growth to reach at US$ 45.8 Million by 2018 end and is likely to increase at a 3.6% CAGR during 2018–2026, to surpass the market estimation of US$ 61.0 Million towards the end of 2026 end. Expanded emphasis on subsidizing and ascend in look into user acceptance, government regulations, clinical and staff efficiency, product innovation, and research centers are the significant driving aspects powering the expansion of the market for human platelet lysate amid the estimated time frame.

Increasing awareness levels of implementation of sophisticated blood collection and processing technology and blood donation in rising nations is additionally anticipated to support the market for human platelet lysate. Furthermore, a huge donated blood pool in the majority of the emerged nations is likely to fuel the requirement HPL product over the estimated time frame.

HPL is an opportune substitute for Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) like an in-vitro cell culture expansion supplement and is probably going to be implemented widely soon for different remedial applications. In addition, HPL has risen as a boom for cell production in the cell-based therapeutics. Moreover, the increasing requirement for animal-free serum media is foreseen to support revenue growth of the HPL market amid the estimated time frame.

Research & academic institute’s category accounts for the highest market share since a large number of r&d activities are executed in research & academic institutes. The rising popularity of HPL among experts is likely to remain the foremost growth driver of the HPL market. Over the last couple of years, the market for HPL has foreseen remarkable expansion as a result of huge donated blood pool in the majority of the emerged nations that has boosted the requirement for HPL.

On the other hand, the probable entrants in the HPL market necessitates to expend a great deal of resources and time to comprehend the specifications and needs of the researchers/scientists and the research procedure with particular indication to adopt the product along with the competitive valuation constraints that are the prominent aspects limiting the expansion of global market.

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