2024 List of Tackling Women Health Issues Released By UK


At the Women’s Health Summit in central London, Victoria Atkins, the UK Health and Social Care Secretary, has gone on to outline the major women’s health issues that the UK government will focus on in 2024.

Marking the 2nd anniversary of the Women’s Health Strategy, Atkins went on to reveal the government’s bent to combat women’s health issues throughout various domains.

The strategy that got initiated a year ago has already gone on to celebrate major achievements like cost reductions in hormone replacement Therapy- HRT for around half a million women as well as the establishment of specialized women’s health hubs across every local health area.

Moreover, it also pioneered the creation of a dedicated women’s health section on the NHS website, thereby offering updated information, advice, along with practical resources for women at every juncture of life.

2024 women’s health priorities have shaped by way of broad consultation

Inculcating insights from more than 100,000 healthcare professionals, women’s health champions, as well as the public at large, the government has gone on to identify four major priorities when it comes to this year.

These priorities look to address important issues when it comes to women’s health, thereby giving out absolute support as well as solutions.

Optimal care when it comes to menstrual and gynecological conditions

One of the significant and top-of-the-list priorities involves the enhancement of care in terms of menstrual and gynecological scenarios.

By making sure to expand the women’s health hubs, offer guidance for healthcare professionals, and also enhance information and support when it comes to conditions such as endometriosis, the government looks forward to easing the huge burden for women who happen to be facing these complex issues.

It is worth noting that the Office for National Statistics will go ahead and investigate the effect of period problems along with endometriosis on women’s work participation, looking to reduce diagnosis times.

Broadening the women’s health hubs

By way of investing £25m so as to establish women’s health hubs throughout the local areas, the UK government happens to be committed to enhancing women’s care access and also decreasing the inequalities in health.

The intent is to have one fully operational hub across every local area in 2024, stressing on services that happen to be related to menstrual problems, pelvic pain, contraception, as well as menopause care.

Tackling gaps and supporting vulnerable women

The UK government happens to be determined to look into disparities and also enhance support for vulnerable women, especially those who happen to be victims of sexual abuse as well as violence.

Joint efforts in the NHS, such as new models and training programmes, will be executed so as to protect staff and also enhance women’s health when it comes to the justice system.

Pushing the maternity care gamut

The inclination toward maternity care goes on to involve delivering on the three-year delivery plan as well as making sure of comprehensive care all across pregnancy and postpartum. Notably, the stress will be placed on preconception as well as postnatal care, thereby focusing on mental and also physical health.

The National Institute for Health and Care Research- NIHR is going to launch a £50 million challenge so as to discover innovative solutions when it comes to maternity disparities.

Further research when it comes to women’s health

Taking into account the importance of research, the government happens to be building on £53 million in funding by way of the NIHR programmes. The Research Inclusion Strategy will continue to enhance the representation of women when it comes to medical research, thereby making sure of a more equitable approach in healthcare.

The comprehensive approach of the UK to women’s health in 2024 goes on to address crucial issues and also builds on the successes when it comes to the Women’s Health Strategy’s first year, throttling a healthier along with a more supportive environment for women throughout the UK.