4 Most Common Accidents Construction Workers Suffer From


Construction workers are often at risk for workplace injuries. In 2014, there were 14,000 construction site injuries in the US alone. Four of the most common accidents that these workers suffer from include: falls from heights, being struck by falling objects, being caught in between machinery and equipment.

Falls From Heights

Construction workers are at risk of suffering from a fall from height, as many construction sites have no protections. Falls happen because it is easy to lose your balance and slip on the site. In worst-case scenarios, people can suffer serious injuries or even die – that’s why proper safety measures must always be taken to prevent falls. Make sure that your work area is well-lit so you can see all of the obstacles. If there seems to be a lack of light, request more lighting for safety reasons. And if someone else has already fallen from a height on the site, contact the construction zone accident lawyer immediately. Wear a hard hat if working near exposed beams, girders, or other areas where there might be objects falling towards you. Keep tools away from edges so they won’t get in the way when you need to move quickly. Stay aware of obstacles such as nails sticking out of boards or debris lying around – these could make your trip and fall.

Being Struck By Falling Objects

This is one of the most common types of accidents construction workers suffer from. Construction sites are at high risk for having heavy objects fall on top of someone, and this is why it’s so important to take precautions when working around tall buildings or trees. Falling objects can be incredibly dangerous because they may cause severe internal injuries that lead to death if not treated immediately.

It’s important to not only take precautions for your safety but also the people around you as well. If something happens and you don’t warn others about it, they could get hurt. If someone else is standing below a tree that appears like its branches may fall or there’s heavy construction equipment nearby that looks unstable and ready to topple over, let other workers know before continuing with what you were doing. You can even save lives by helping those who are above ground level avoid being struck by falling objects as well, if an object suddenly falls from above, everyone in its path will be at risk of injury so make sure no one is walking under where it might land! aware of any dangers present.

Being Caught In Between Machinery And Equipment

When construction workers are often working on large machines or equipment, they can be caught in between this machinery and other objects. This is a very dangerous situation that could cause serious injury to the worker. If he/she gets stuck inside of it, then another person may have to get them out but many injuries occur while trying to prevent getting trapped too deeply into these spaces within the machine itself. It’s important for people who work with heavy equipment to understand how their bodies will fit around all of its parts before beginning any type of job using it so no one ever becomes injured because they did not check first whether or not there would be enough room for him or her when operating this machinery again properly.

Ergonomic Hazards

Construction workers are at a higher risk for ergonomic hazards because of the nature of their job. Ergonomics is essentially about fitting the tool to the worker rather than forcing a person to fit into a specific work environment or use cumbersome tools that will eventually cause injury over time. Some examples of common construction accidents include back injuries, shoulder and wrist pain from using hand tools, sprains and strains from carrying heavy materials such as wood beams and roof shingles up ladders, falls (especially on wet surfaces), electrical shocks due to faulty wiring in old homes/buildings being renovated, insect bites when working outdoors in warm weather regions like Florida during summer months, and eye injuries from flying debris.

Construction worker accidents are preventable when employers take the necessary steps to provide ergonomically designed tools, safety equipment, proper training on how to use them properly, as well as maintaining a safe working environment free of obstacles that may cause workers an injury while doing their job. Employers need to be held accountable for unsafe work environments because it can have far-reaching consequences not only at home but also in other aspects of people’s lives such as social relationships with friends/family members or even within one’s finances if they cannot continue working due to being injured on the job site.

The best way for construction managers to avoid these kinds of issues with their employees (and keep everyone safe) is to be aware of the common injuries, and make sure that everyone follows safety procedures.