4 Safety Things Every Company Should Have In Storage


Your office needs very specific things in its storeroom. You cannot predict when an emergency is going to happen and therefore if you do not have the supplies necessary to resolve such situations, you could end up with injured employees or unsatisfied ones. Buying supplies for your company’s storeroom doesn’t have to be a stressful or even expensive experience. You can pick up most of the things that come in handy in emergency situations for next to nothing online. If you want to know more about what this post is referring to, then here are four things you need in your storeroom:

First Aid Kit

You need first aid kits in your office’s storeroom, there is no getting around it. According to the experts from eFirstAidSupplies, you can buy first aid kits very affordably. Make sure that you have more than one as if several people are injured at once your kit won’t have enough supplies to treat everybody. In addition to first aid kits, it’s also sensible to invest time in training employees. Train employees so that they know what to do in emergency situations. First aid training is cheap, widely available and very useful.

Fire Extinguisher

In your storeroom (and in various points situated around your office) you need to have fire extinguishers. In case of fires, fire extinguishers are essential pieces of equipment. Without them, there is no way you will be able to safely extinguish a fire. You cannot predict when fires are going to occur which is why it is so important to make sure that you are always prepared for them. It should be noted that fire extinguishers can be quite expensive so if you intend on buying some, try and get a good deal by buying them in bulk.

Antibacterial Gel

Since the COVID pandemic began, people have become a lot more careful about germs and viruses. If you are in charge of your office’s supplies then you need to make sure that there are antibacterial gel bottles in abundance. Ensuring that there are lots of bottles of antibacterial gel in your office will make it possible for people to disinfect their hands and prevent viruses from spreading. It’s likewise important to have masks and nitrile gloves around so you can protect people from picking any nasty bugs, illnesses or infections as they go about their duties.


If your office’s electricity goes out how are employees going to safely navigate the building to leave? Make sure that you have lots of flashlights inside your office’s storeroom and are easily accessible in other areas of it so people can make their way out in emergencies. It’s also good to invest in a backup generator so that if your building’s power does go out, lights can still be turned on. Backup generators can be very expensive but are a worthwhile investment and will protect employees, ensuring they are able to escape in emergencies and when the lights go out.

Your office needs to be stocked with all of the equipment mentioned here and more. It is your responsibility as an employer or office manager to ensure that employees have access to this equipment so they can protect themselves in emergencies. Unfortunately, a lot of employers don’t invest in these things. Don’t be one of these people.