4 Things to Know Before You Take a Home DNA Test


In the last few years, DNA testing has become more popular than ever because of its wide availability through the home testing kits. Because this test can reveal intriguing facts about an individual, many people are swooning over it right now. So whether you are interested in knowing the family history or getting in touch with your cousins across the globe, the home DNA test kit will reveal interesting facts about you and your family. With a price range between $60 to $100, DNA testing is more popular than ever. However, before you decide to buy a home DNA test kit, here are a few things for you to know:

  1. You won’t Get to Know Everything About Your Genetics

In simple words, if you buy a home DNA test kit to undergo genetic testing at home, the information you receive is limited to what studies and data are available. You will be intrigued to know; the human genome sequence is made up of 3 billion base pairs. Technology limits the data that can be gathered from a saliva which is the most common method of DNA extraction from testing kits. Experts believe, if you want to undergo a thorough DNA test, it will easily cost you around $10,000. The sample collected from an individual is just a small part of identifying the genome sequence. So the DNA testing kits at home can provide you with a fair amount of information including family history, common disease vulnerabilities, and other biological indicators but cannot tell you pinpoint information.

  1. Using Information Wisely is Important

Apart from knowing about your ancestors, you will also come across a vast array of information from the DNA testing. With a DNA test, you can easily know about the prospective health risks and genetic carrier status. Sometimes, a DNA test might reveal if there is a chance of you getting stuck with ovarian or breast cancer in the future. So as soon as you come across such information, you shouldn’t consider it inconsequential. This is why you need to take this information with caution and check with a doctor as soon as possible. Most people sugarcoat their issues with a denial that can be very damaging in the long run. This is why doctors suggest people undergo DNA testing at the clinic.

  1. Results Can Vary

If you talk to anyone who wants to take the DNA test, they will tell you about undergoing the DNA test for the sake of learning about their ancestry and ethnicity. You need to know, the results at the ethnic levels can be very accurate at home; however, when it comes to the more advanced information, it is hard for you to come across the right facts and figures. Secondly, because every company has a different perspective on genome sequencing, it is hard for you to come across the right ethnicity findings. Secondly, if you compare the results of the home DNA test kits at home with those of the lab’s findings, you will find a demarcation between the two. So you have to be mindful enough when choosing to take the DNA test at home.

  1. Be Prepared for Surprises

If you are taking the DNA test to know about your ancestry, it is not the only information you will be entitled too. Sometimes, a DNA test can reveal shocking facts about a family and reveal heartbreaking facts at the very same moment. So if you’re willing to take up this test at home, you better sit close to a loved one of yours. You never know when your excitement of undergoing might turn into the worst heartbreak of your life. So never underestimate the power of a DNA test when you’re looking for valuable information about yourself and the family.