5 Tips For a First-time Travel Nurse


Have you started a career as a travel nurse?

This is an excellent way to travel and help others while still earning a paycheck. And while exciting, this role can be challenging to get used to when you’re just starting.

Whether you’re still deciding where to go or have accepted your first assignment, here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Review & Sign Your Contract

We know you’re excited to move into those luxury Little Italy San Diego apartments you read about online. However, before you get into your car and start driving, ensure you have a signed contract. Otherwise, if the assignment changes, you’ll be put in a stressful position.

As a first-time travel nurse, it would be best to keep this in mind. We know you’re excited about hitting the open road, but be 100% certain you’ve got a job waiting for you at your destination. A signed contract will guarantee this.

2. Travel Somewhere That You Will Be Comfortable

Being a travel nurse is a wonderful way to exit your comfort zone and go and experience things, people, and places that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. However, with your first assignment, you want to make it enjoyable and highly successful. One way to ensure this is by selecting somewhere closer to home, just for your first time.

Doing this will likely find you near, or at least relatively close to, family and friends. Having a support system around you will aid in reducing any of the stressful factors that may come from your first assignment. In addition, you will feel safer and sleep better, knowing that there is familiarity around you.

3. Ensure That You Pack Light

As a travel nurse, you must travel lightly and take only the essentials. A mistake many first-time travel nurses make is taking too much with them. It is not limited to this profession alone. Still, because the average assignment length is roughly 13 weeks, one imagines that to be a lengthy stay.

Time will fly, and it is far better to pack versatile items and smaller things rather than take along more oversized items. Additionally, most of the necessities can be purchased at the shops where you are going.

4. First Impressions Count

Making a great first impression and then upholding your high standards will ensure you have an excellent time with the other staff. On top of this, be friendly to your fellow healthcare workers.

As you are aware, the job can often push one past their capacity, and showing that you care and are there to help, will go a long way. There is a growing need for travel nurses, but do not neglect to acknowledge the importance of the other healthcare staff.

5. Stay in Contact With Your Recruiter

Being a travel nurse is a fantastic way to make a living and see places you would otherwise likely never visit. With that being said, though, not all assignments are going to be pleasant, and unfortunately, this may be the case with your first time.

If you have any issues, whether it be schedules, housing, or your paycheck, be sure to reach out to your recruiter, as they are the ones that can intervene and assist you.

Final Thoughts

If you are not yet aware, you will soon discover that being a travel nurse requires immense commitment and resilience. Once you arrive at your first assignment, ensure that you get settled in quickly and be prepared to give your best during your contract.