A Complete Guide On How To Become A Life Coach


Do you ever wonder why there are so many books out there in the world? It is pretty fascinating to think how many pieces of information we try to convey to each other. The dependency on this information storing and sharing can be best seen in multiple examples. For example, the burning of the library in Alexandria was one of the most devastating events in history. There were scripts for the first steam engine there, imagine where we would be without such a setback.

Not only are such scientific scripts important for us, but equally important are great life works of many people. We can never bring ourselves to absorb that much information that lies in this great world. That is all the more reason why we sometimes need guidance from a person that knows more than us. This is where life coaches come to shine and help out people when they need it most.


Learning how to be a life coach is one thing but using that knowledge is another thing. In order to get to use your skills and abilities as a life coach, you need people who will hire you. It is recommended that you become a certified life coach according to experts over at WeTrainLifeCoaches so that you can prove your knowledge to your employers and clients. There are many schools out there that will help you become a certified life coach.

It is always recommended no matter the profession to learn a thing or two in advance of your job. Education is what gives you a better insight into what to expect from a certain profession, and life coaching education is no different. Getting certified will help you avoid many mistakes that beginners make. You will get a much better glimpse of what working with people as a life coach will really look like.

Being introspective

In order to become a life coach, you first need to learn how to life coach yourself. Of course, there are many people out there that are able to help other people but can not do the same themselves. This is quite unfortunate because such people bring many goods to the world yet very few goods for themselves. In order to strive as a life coach, you will need to learn how to help yourself because being a coach is different than just giving advice.

A coach is someone who proves their successful techniques through their own success. This is why it is very important to be certain that the techniques you use work on yourself. Through introspection, you are much better off at helping people who are in the same or similar situations as you are. With good introspection, you will develop a great subset of skills when it comes to deducing a problem someone has.

Everyone is different

Once you do figure out your inner ins and outs, you must understand that it is not the same for everyone else. Just because you managed to do something successfully in one set of circumstances does not mean it will be the same in other circumstances. That is why you need to know who your target clients are, the people who can relate to you. You can help people that have different problems but do not expect that the same techniques will work.

Talking with other people

Before becoming a good life coach you need to see many different life experiences. In order to see what this world has to offer, you need to talk with other people and see their perspectives. This is the key thing for life coaching because your goal is to work with other people.

When talking with other people, it is very important to ask questions about their own perspectives. You need to be open to hearing these stories and not limit yourself to your own perspective. You can also hear different stories from books, but direct conversation is much better.

The profession of being a life coach gets ridiculed often, unfortunately. This is because many people do not realize what this job is, both life coaches and other people. Being a life coach is having someone to guide you through life in times of great uncertainty. Think Alexander the Great and his relationship with Aristotle, did he not coach him in the toughest of times?

Aristotle was some sort of a life coach to Alexander the Great and look what he managed to do. We as people are dependent on each other and the information that we share. It is very important to find this sort of figure in your life when you are in doubt about this very uncertain world.