A Team Approach Suggested By GPs To Keep Burnout In Check


Enhanced data as well as encouraging the doctors to work in tandem as a team on patient care could be some of the many ways to improve conditions for the GPs who are already stressed, as per a new study in Australia.

A team of GPs as well as researchers from Macquarie University have gone on to propose a series of steps that are a must for every GP so as to make life better for themselves, their staff, and their patients while they await the urgent reforms that are required at both national and state levels.

The GPs and the researchers have published an editorial that proposes the reinstatement of general practises as learning health systems in the British Journal of General Practise by way of making use of approaches that have proven successful in several large health systems across the world.

With a GP workforce that’s ageing and less than 14% of the medical students listing themselves for general practise as their preferred career choice, Australian primary care is facing a perfect storm, as per the researchers. According to Dr. Darran Foo, from one of the GP clinics in Australia, who also happens to be one of the many lead authors of the study, the pandemic has increasingly led to a decline in general practise interest when it comes to making a career choice.

He adds that there indeed lies a need to create a primary healthcare system that continuously delivers dependable performance and consistently enhances with each experience. According to Foo, the GPs are going to have better data access, which would make sure that accurate and precise patient records are rapidly made available.

Clinicians can also experience that they are on the verge of achieving outcomes for their patients, and that too as efficiently as possible.