Abu Dhabi announces launch of Covid contact tracing system


Abu Dhabi has launched an investigation and contact tracing system that will conduct a virtual chat with people who test positive for Covid-19.

The system will expand the scope of current Covid-19 investigations to be more comprehensive, officials said. It aims to help predict and prevent community transmission and to communicate with positive cases quickly. Once someone tests positive, the system automatically sends them a text message with a link for the virtual chat.

After Emirates ID verification is completed, the person will proceed by answering questions to complete the process. Officials said the system allows the investigation and contact tracing team to gather necessary information, such as who is returning from abroad, or who has been in a workplace or who has recently come into contact with a positive case.

The system will also ask for a list of possible contacts in the 48 hours before the positive result. The information obtained will be confidential and not shared with anyone outside the investigation team.

In addition, the centre’s team will review the data entered and make any necessary calls to complete missing or unclear information.

The system, which is being rolled out by Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Department of Health, is available in
Abu Dhabi to restrict access to many public places for unvaccinated people

Abu Dhabi recently rolled out a new Covid-19 screening method in shopping malls, some residential areas and at all land and air entry points. The devices measure electromagnetic waves to detect possible Covid-19 infections.

The scanners have been placed at various shopping malls and public places in Abu Dhabi, some residential areas, and all land and air entry points.