ACT enters into a contract with U of L Professor to Advance Research


Advanced Cancer Therapeutics LLC (ACT) entered into a contract with the University of Louisville’s Dr. John Trent as part of its effort to company move potential cancer treatments toward clinical studies.

Trent is an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at U of L’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center. Advanced Cancer Therapeutics, or ACT, works closely with researchers at the cancer center to get cancer treatments to market more quickly.

ACT has identified as top priorities two compound programs it has licensed from U of L related to the growth of cancer cells. The firm also has designed and synthesized more than 200 small-molecule compounds against cancer targets in both programs, according to a news release.

“With the use of computers, Will work closely with medicinal chemists, helping to identify the most potent compounds before moving forward with additional studies. Toxicology studies could cost up to $1 million for each of ACT’s two top programs” said Trent.

“ACT is pleased to be working with Dr. Trent as we collaborate to accelerate the discovery process to develop potentially lifesaving therapeutics for cancer patients,” Riggs said in the release.