AI-Led Centres To Push Medical Device Market Surge In India


The Indian government has gone on to announce plans to come up with three artificial intelligence centres when it comes to excellence in educational institutions as part of the country’s flagship Make AI for India as well as Make AI Work for India initiatives.

According to the GlobalData research, this move is more likely to have an unparalleled impact on the country’s medical device industry, which is in all likelihood estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% through 2030.

The research suggests that this is set to spark a breakthrough when it comes to patient care by aiding a new generation of systems that go on to provide the clinicians with smart tools as well as device access in the case of providing care.

As per Shreya Jain, who happens to be GlobalData’s Medical Device Analyst, artificial intelligence is widely being implemented across the healthcare value chain, which ranges from chronic disease management such as that of diabetes as well as intelligent documentation when it comes to global health records to surgeries and surgical robots that happen to be AI-assisted.

Jain further said that these applications are now shifting from being presented as an idea in a controlled test environment to becoming full-fledged production domains. As per GlobalData, in spite of the legal and ethical issues, AI-led medical devices can go on to aid medical practitioners to accurately diagnose, efficiently treat, and, at the end of the day, elevate the patients overall care and experience.