Asolva adds infection surveillance tool package to Medici system


Asolva (, a leading provider of healthcare data analytics and reporting systems, has added a package of infection surveillance tools to Medici, its clinical information management system.  The package will assist pharmacists, physicians and other infection preventionists in tracking and maximizing their antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASPs).

The new module automatically monitors key data points across a hospital’s entire information system, including patient records, lab and microbiology results, and medication records. It can identify pharmaceutical intervention opportunities for clinicians, and provide comprehensive reporting on the usage of antimicrobials throughout the hospital in-patient population.

The software enables better antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASPs) by monitoring appropriate drug-bug therapies and potentially inappropriate utilization of antimicrobials within susceptible patient populations. It also facilitates patient hand-off and helps pharmacists and other infection preventionists provide appropriate therapies for key indicators such as creatinine/INR abnormalities, IV/PO use and duplicate medication therapy. 

"ASPs are becoming a top priority for hospitals to manage costs and meet licensing and accreditation requirements. For example, the California Department of Public Health has asked all hospitals in the state to implement an ASP," said Chun Wong, chief executive officer of Asolva.

"The shortage of specialists and trained personnel to implement an ASP is a big concern for hospitals.  Medici can help pharmacists and other clinicians evaluate and enhance their antimicrobial management efforts, reducing HAIs and enhancing the ASP," Wong added.

Wong added that automated surveillance software eliminates the need for hunting through paper or electronic records to identify and report on changes in patient status, antibiotic utilization and drug administration. The Medici system interfaces with all major EMR and clinical laboratory systems.