Australia Backs Research On COVID-19 Vaccine For The Future


In order to ultimately enhance the outcomes and care for children and people with chronic conditions, especially as novel variants emerge, the Australian government is funding a new study on COVID-19 vaccinations and infection.

The new PROPHECY study, directed by Monash University researchers, will assess the immune reaction to COVID-19 in children and high-risk groups, including people with chronic illnesses. In order to assess the antibodies and cell immune reactions in healthy and vulnerable individuals, the PROPHECY study will look at immune activation to both vaccination and prior COVID-19 infections. The study will also help with long-term analyses, including breakout or re-infection, after a COVID-19 infection or vaccine.

The initiative will increase knowledge of the effects on vulnerable populations, allowing for the delivery of appropriate care, such as specialized therapies and vaccination regimens for kids and high-risk groups.

Adults with chronic illnesses including inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatic disorders, chronic kidney and lung disease, those living with HIV, organ transplant patients, and others will participate in the study. The findings will help with the treatment and care of people with other chronic conditions.

The most recent round of financing for COVID-19 treatment access and public health activities research will provide $6.3 million for the study, which is being directed by Professor Menno van Zelm of Monash University. Alfred Health, Monash University, Burnet Institute, Monash Health, and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute will all do research.

The $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund of the Australian Government will devote more than $31.5 million to COVID-19 research during this round of financing.