AVer Europe Partners With Hospital Services Limited to Improve Patient Care


AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of video collaboration systems, announces partnership with Hospital Services Limited (HSL), a leading specialist services provider of medical supplies and surgical equipment, to deliver innovative Telehealth solutions that will improve patient care.

A major area of focus for AVer across the UK, Ireland and across the EU, is to work with a select number of partners that will add value and deliver Telehealth solutions across its eco-system, helping health care providers and their patients communicate with each other at a distance and improve efficiencies and reduce workload through the use of video. Commenting on the partnership, Chris Godsalve, AVer Channel Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland said, “With HSL being recognised as a leading services provider in the healthcare sector this ties in nicely with our global partner strategy for the Healthcare vertical as we are always looking to work with partners that are delivering innovative and scalable Telehealth solutions.”

Amongst AVer’s portfolio are a number of simple, yet Innovative and scalable solutions that can be used for telemedicine applications, delivering better outcomes for both healthcare professionals and the patients. AVer’s Premium quality video conferencing cameras give people on both ends of a remote check-up the necessary clarity for diagnosing visible symptoms using 4K imaging and high frame rates, and if used with a VB130 wide-angle lens, more space is available for the user to move within.

Auto tracking cameras can be used to deliver telemedicine education, as this tracking function will follow medical school professors in classrooms or track every move of surgeons in operating rooms. AVer’s document cameras allow doctors to use these to a high-level optical zoom to look into medical samples with a microscope, evaluate an X-ray with a light box, and examine wounds. The visualiser can also capture images or record videos of the examination process.

Rene Buhay, SVP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe commented, “The pandemic has created an urgency for Health organisations to move fast and deliver solutions that can enable communication and collaboration and improve healthcare delivery for patients on a local and global scale and with both AVer and HSL sharing a collective passion to deliver a quality experience to the healthcare sector this makes the partnership a very exciting opportunity.”