Best Online Counseling Platforms


There are a number of online counseling platforms out there. It’s important to do your research when picking the best platform for your needs. Having face-to-face sessions with a licensed therapist is often helpful, but scheduling these sessions can be difficult. Online therapy platforms eliminate this scheduling problem.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, six out of ten Americans believe they might utilize telehealth services for psychological treatment. You are in luck if you’re looking for choices for internet counseling. To make your search simpler, We have compiled our best selections. To identify the top online treatment choices for 2022, the editorial team examined over 30 platforms from across the industry, taking into account cost, therapist certifications, insurance eligibility, and other elements.

Here are the Best Online Counseling Platforms

  • BetterHelp

    The therapists, marriage counselors, and professional social workers with master’s or doctoral degrees available to patients utilizing Betterhelp Counseling are all accredited. Depending on the user’s preferences, therapy may be provided via a variety of channels, such as text messaging, live chats, phone conversations, and video conferencing. The platform’s re-read function also enables patients to revisit earlier written messages from their therapist at any time. After joining up, Betterhelp counseling claims to pair users with therapists within a few hours or days, although customers are free to switch therapists at any time. When establishing their profile, users can use a pseudonym rather than their entire name to, to some extent, maintain their anonymity throughout therapy.

  • Talkspace

    Professional counselors are accessible to Talkspace members around-the-clock via internet chat and once-weekly live video meetings. After a brief overview, Talkspace uses an algorithm to pair individuals with one of three available therapists. Patients go through a number of thresholds and stages throughout treatment after choosing a counselor, all of which are offered upon their initial assessment.

    The application also provides goals and progress updates to assist users in staying focused on specific therapeutic goals. Users of Talkspace can select from a variety of plans and price choices, and they can elect to be invoiced Anytime. Talkspace is a premium service. Users are free to alter their program at any moment in order to achieve a different objective or alter the care’s primary emphasis.

  • Cerebral

    Utilizing Cerebral’s online counseling service is easy and quick. Online registration, medical evaluations, and first appointment booking are all simple processes for patients. Cerebral provides three different plan options to select from, including prescription and counseling, medicine and treatment, and medication and training, in contrast to other companies on our list. For practicality and security, the website may ship your medication directly to your house if you require one.

  • Doctor On Demand

    A licensed provider is always available with Doctor on Demand. The application includes treatments for postpartum, bereavement, and PTSD, as well as other levels of psychological health, particularly behavioral health issues like anxiety and depression. When patients use the medicine as part of their therapy, they may collaborate with their psychiatrist to purchase medications using the app, which they can pick up at their local drugstore.

    The website offers a free evaluation tool for users to determine whether they should get counseling if they aren’t sure if therapy is the best option for them. Patients who want extra time can plan 50-minute sessions for $179 in addition to the base charge of $129 for typical 25-minute treatment sessions.

  • Open Path

    Inside the field of internet counseling, an Open Path is a charitable group. It boasts that its service caters to people of diverse racial backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and gender identities. It gives them a distinctive network of health care professionals to choose from. According to the organization, Open Path focuses on helping “customers who lack healthcare coverage or whose medical insurance doesn’t provide enough mental health coverage.” Depending on the patient’s specific requirements, the frequency of appointments is chosen.

Here’s How To Determine The Best Online Therapy Providers:

  • Credentials

    As a therapist, staying on top of trends in the counseling field is challenging. There are many conferences, hours of continuing education classes, and new theories to practice. But another important part of staying relevant in the field is knowing counselors’ credentials. Some therapists may have certifications in specific counseling techniques or technologies, such as EMDR or Motivational Interviewing. But only certified counselors are able to use these terms in their practice, so it’s good to know what credentials to look for.

  • Pricing

    Online Therapy is a viable option to traditional therapy for those who are unable to attend traditional therapy sessions due to work, school, childcare, or geographic issues. Online therapy has the same goals as traditional therapy but differs in a few key aspects, one of which is cost.

  • Insurance

    Insurance coverage helps those without insurance receive healthcare. The coverage varies from plan to plan but typically covers doctor fees, hospitalization, surgery, prescription medicines, and outpatient services. Some plans may cover mental health services but may not cover substance abuse treatment.

Therapist selection options

Finding a quality counselor isn’t easy. Even harder is finding a quality counselor who accepts your insurance, and you can afford it. Selecting the right therapists for you is one of the great features that an online therapy service can have. Finding the right therapist can be a strenuous process for many of us. Finding the right therapist takes time and patience. A good therapist will help guide you towards a better way of life and will help you work through any related issues.

Therapist availability

When searching for a therapist, you want to be sure they will be available to see clients when needed. Most psychologists and therapists offer either traditional or evening appointments. Some even offer weekend and evening appointments, which makes it easier for busy people to find time to come in. If you’re unsure about scheduling an appointment, call and ask. Most therapists are more than happy to accommodate your needs.


In conclusion, online counseling services have grown in popularity over the past few years. More online counselors are joining these platforms with increasing awareness of online counseling services. With the availability of easy payments through these platforms, people can easily access mental health care services. Moreover, people from all backgrounds can use these platforms.