BioIntelliSense, VeeMed to offer remote patient monitoring care


BioIntelliSense and VeeMed have announced a collaboration to offer scalable remote patient monitoring (RPM) by incorporating innovative technology in wearables and analytics.

Currently used RPM is expensive, complicated to install and offers only episodic measurements, the companies said. The merged capabilities of VeeMed and BioIntelliSense are expected to enable a high-resolution longitudinal view of the health status of the patient.

Virtual care technology, applied analytics and the proven SaaS platform of VeeMed will be combined with BioIntelliSense’s medical-grade wearables. The aim is to offer a complete RPM suite that could provide actionable, multi-parameter information to doctors.

Furthermore, the combination can potentially be used for various clinical use case applications to track in-patient status as well as observe individuals who have complex care requirements after discharge.

BioIntelliSense CEO James Mault said: “Traditional RPM is like a photograph, providing a snapshot of a patient’s health, as opposed to our continuous data service, which is like a high resolution 4K video that offers a composite view.”

The company offers BioSticker and BioButton ‘stick it on and forget it’ multi-parameter wearable devices, which are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

In December last year, BioIntelliSense and Royal Philips announced $2.8m funding from the US Department of Defense to validate a BioSticker device for the early detection of symptoms related to Covid-19.

VeeMed chief medical officer and president Dr Arshad Ali said: “Our partnership with BioIntelliSense enables us to give patients the freedom and flexibility to receive medical-grade remote care, but with the same level of confidence they would have if they were at a clinic or physician’s office, or even in the hospital.

“By giving patients an effortless wearable experience to seamlessly capture continuous vital sign data via our telehealth platform, healthcare systems can deliver the absolute, most advanced RPM care.” The VeeMed portfolio includes telemedicine solutions for various patient care settings, including outpatient and remote monitoring.