Can You Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery?


Many women consider getting bigger breasts at least once in their life. Some due to the aesthetics and some due to comfort. If you’re one of them, you’re probably wondering what can be done to achieve this goal. The solutions are numerous, but which one would be the best for you? And where should you get the operation so that it’s the best both when it comes to quality and cost-effectiveness? Check out breast enlargement options in Poland.

Breast Enlargement Options Other than Surgery

There have been some treatments and medicine developed to achieve the goal of larger breasts without having to undergo surgery. The results of some of them have been quite positive, but there’s no denying that nothing compares to a surgical procedure.

So there are some other ways, but the only method that has a high chance of bringing serious changes is ultimately surgery. Luckily, breast enlargement is a procedure that’s been performed for many years now, so the doctors have a lot of experience. Not only is this option guaranteeing success, but it’s also ultimately more economical.

Getting surgery once is easier and more effective than trying to get bigger breasts by daily pill consumption or other similar methods. Also, no matter the type, any pills you take can really damage your liver, so it’s better not to depend on an excessive amount of them.

Breast Augmentation

How does breast enlargement work exactly? Is it safe? Most of the time the procedure goes well, and the client is satisfied with the results. There are however some things that could go wrong, and it’s better to be aware of that. The most common risk is visible scarring.

Others are problems with breastfeeding and general discomfort. But then again, it’s not likely to happen. The vast majority of the patients get results that are not only satisfactory when it comes to appearance but also give the clients a confidence boost. it’s a great act of self-care.

Different Breast Surgery Options

But what are the options for this method? There are two types of surgery that are commonly used. One procedure consists of filling your breasts with silicone to create the desired shape (round or teardrop). The other method fills your breasts with B-Lite gel. That makes them a lot lighter than they would be if they were naturally that size.

Generally, the size is picked based on the size of your natural breasts, so it ends up looking natural and not obviously fake. The recovery after the procedure isn’t a lengthy process and will be unproblematic as long as you follow your doctor’s orders. You should avoid heavy lifting and give yourself sufficient time for rest – don’t come back to work right after the surgery.

Final Words

Although there are some ways in which you can try to enlarge your breasts other than surgery, it’s really a better decision to just get the procedure done. It has a higher success rate, therefore with this option you can get real results, and it’s not so sure with any other method. So if you’re considering getting a breast augmentation – don’t hesitate, it’s a great choice.