Carestream launchesd New CR Mammography screen with reduced noise, Improved DQE


Carestream Health, Inc., has introduced a new EHR-M3 screen for its CR mammography imaging systems that features reduced noise and a higher detector quantum efficiency (DQE) for improved image quality. The new screen is designed to replace previous screens used with DIRECTVIEW CR Mammography Systems that are equipped with the company’s Mammography Feature. The Mammography Feature is now available in Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and other regions of the world where approved for use 1 .


Upgrading to cassettes with the new screen is an easy and affordable way to improve image quality for mammography exams. The new screen offers a 20 percent reduction in noise, which can improve diagnostic confidence and help reduce radiologists’ reading time.
This new screen is now included in the company’s mammography cassettes in both 18 x 24 cm (8 x 10 inch) and 24 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch) sizes. The new screen is compatible with thousands of existing DIRECTVIEW CR 850/950/975 and DIRECTVIEW Classic and Elite CR systems currently used for mammography applications.