China, India Key In Driving APAC Medical Affairs Outsourcing


The healthcare regulatory affairs outsourcing market of Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow the fastest across the world over the next decade, led by, as expected, China as well as India, as per the latest insight.

The insight anticipates the demand for offshore service providers who happen to be assisting in regulatory services to increase between 2023 and 2033 across the world, with the APAC region poised to see robust growth as more and more healthcare companies enter economies that happen to be developing.

The skilled workforce as well as the cheap costs make the APAC region an attractive business destination, according to the insight. The insight went on to reveal that China’s medical affairs outsourcing sector happens to be on track so as to become an almost $540 million market in the next 10 years since pharmaceutical companies widen their footprint across the world and the supportive government investments and also healthcare policies that are favourable attract investors so as to set up establishments within the country.

The insight further adds that numerous pharmaceutical companies are looking to expand their presence throughout China, which will thereby require them to fund outsourcing services when it comes to documentation, product registrations, applications pertaining to clinical trials, as well as legal representations. All this is anticipated to boost sales in the market. On the other hand, when it comes to India, the demand will be most likely driven by supportive government programmes such as the Universal Health Insurance Scheme and also by the local health technology sector that is maturing.

It is well to be noted that medical affairs outsourcing happens to offer offshore services in securing and maintaining approvals by the government for medical devices, drugs, and equipment. As companies go on to expand worldwide, new products happen to be developed, and there is indeed a growing need for companies to tap outsourcing services for quick documentation and approvals across the target markets, while there still happens to be a growing focus when it comes to novel drug development.

As far as the segments are concerned, the insight opined that most of the demand would come from mid-sized biotech as well as pharmaceutical firms.