CitiusTech Healthcare Technology expands operations to Europe to build a Global Delivery Model


CitiusTech Healthcare Technology Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of healthcare technology services, solutions, and platforms, announced the expansion of its presence to Warsaw, Poland. This strategic move will help CitiusTech expand its global delivery model through its foray into the European market, and further solidify its position in healthcare technology. CitiusTech is committed to providing exceptional healthcare technology solutions to its clients worldwide, and this new office will focus on areas such as digital transformation, product engineering, cloud services, data, and AI.

Rajan Kohli, CEO, CitiusTech said, “We are excited to expand our operations to Poland, a country with a strong talent pool and a growing economy. This expansion will keep us closer to our clients, help us be more agile and bolster our global delivery model to deliver enhanced experience to our current clients. In addition, we are optimistic that this expansion will aid in our efforts to build a strong foundation for our future growth in the European region.”

Poland’s favorable business environment, government support, and access to Europe make it an attractive destination for technology firms seeking to expand their footprint. CitiusTech remains committed to attracting and nurturing local talent, creating job opportunities, and contributing to the growth of the local economy.

CitiusTech is a partner of choice to the world’s leading healthcare and life sciences organizations for accelerating digital innovation, driving business transformation, and enabling industry-wide convergence. Over the years, CitiusTech has been consistently investing in healthcare and life sciences domain expertise and next-gen technology to deliver digital transformation, product engineering, health cloud, data management, analytics, and AI solutions.