NEC Thailand Plans A Smart City For Advanced Healthcare


NEC Corporation (Thailand) and Chiang Mai Municipality have entered into a collaborative agreement aimed at developing smart city solutions and transforming Chiang Mai into a smart city. The initial focus will be on establishing a digital platform for the district’s healthcare system, particularly for healthcare facilities catering to elderly and chronically-ill patients. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) also includes exploring the potential use of other community applications centered around the concept of a “Smart Hospital.”

The primary objective of the platform is to provide comprehensive support to healthcare facilities in Chiang Mai. As part of the collaboration, NEC, in its capacity as the technology partner, will deploy Internet of Things (IoT) devices in these facilities during the first phase. Additionally, an application will be implemented to notify caregivers and patients’ relatives in the event of emergencies, such as falls or severe illness.

Moving on to the second phase, NEC will offer further assistance to caregivers through an application that enables remote health monitoring via cloud-based systems. This application will also empower patients to manage their appointments and medication requests, substantially reducing the workload of healthcare assistants. Furthermore, NEC will support Chiang Mai Municipality in facilitating Tele-Medicine services, allowing patients to receive diagnoses and consultations for minor illnesses or follow-up treatments from the convenience of their homes.