Clever Ways to Stop Binge Eating at Night!


Binge-eating guilt eats away at you, but you cannot seem to stop. As the clock hits 12, the eating marathon starts and doesn’t stop until you can barely keep your eyes open. Emotional or binge eating always makes you feel bad after. You never feel happy eating more than you should, especially when it shows in your body.

Each bite of chocolate shows on your jiggly love handles, making your body confidence go down the drain. You start to feel lethargic and not as energetic as you used to, no matter how much you eat. If you are tired of going down the spiral of binge eating at night, we are here to save you. Jump right in to find out how you can stop binge eating!

Practical Ways to Stop Binge Eating!

No matter how full you are, you always feel the urge to have food as the clock hits 12. You don’t care if the excess food is causing inflammation in the body or making you feel lethargic. You eat, drowning away in the sorrow and feeling quite guilty afterward. However, these tricks can help you stop binge eating:

1. Don’t Keep Extra Snacks

The problem with binge eaters is that they are responsible for finishing all the snacks in one sitting. As long as you have snacks, you will eat them because your resistibility power is weak. However, you need to have a snack at home to eat them.

If you feel like you need snacks, always have limited stock. There are many healthy snack alternatives out there; opt for them. You won’t feel as guilty if you are snacking on healthy munchies. However, try to only shop for limited snacks to keep your weight in check.

2. Sleep Before Midnight

We know it is only possible for this generation to sleep after midnight. However, you can always try your best before you give up. If you stay awake at night, you will eat out of boredom. Hence, fixing your sleep cycle to control your binge eating habit is essential.

It will be challenging to sleep on time in the initial days, but it will get easy eventually. Go to bed at around 11 and keep your phone aside. You will eventually fall asleep in 30 minutes; try not to take a nap in the afternoon.

3. Don’t Eat Your Dinner Too Early

Most humans feel hungry after every 3-4 hours, and we need at least a snack to keep us going. However, most health experts suggest that we eat our dinner 3-4 hours before we sleep. Following the advice and eating dinner early will make you feel hungry before bed.

Try to stretch your dinner time and have your last meal 2 hours before bed. When you feel full, you can stop eating unhealthy food before bed. If you still feel like eating anything before bed, have a glass of warm milk or a cup of green tea.

4. Distract Yourself

Distraction is one of the best things to keep yourself from binge eating; most of us tend to fall into the ditch of binge eating when we are on vacation. Most of us fluff up after our holidays because of eating out of boredom. Hence, engaging in activities and distracting ourselves to stop eating too much is essential.

You can get yourself a puzzle or a crossword book to distract your mind. Try to engage yourself in an online course or learn a skill to keep your mind away from food. Books are also a great way to pass the time nicely without needing to eat.

5. Water Rule

Most experts suggest that dehydration is one of the biggest causes of binge eating. Apart from eating foods that reduce inflammation, you must also drink sufficient water. When you are dehydrated, your body signals to your brain that you are hungry.

One of the best ways to stop binge eating is to have water when you feel hunger kicking in. You can easily stop your sugar craving by having two glasses of water. Always keep a water bottle with you to hydrate your body. Having a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily is essential to deliver your body the hydration it needs.

Final Verdict

You can never feel great after binge-eating all night. The extra pounds on your body are from eating food you didn’t need. Most people try to get rid of binge eating habits but cannot. However, there are a few habits that can help you control them. It is best to consult a doctor if you have an uncontrollable binge-eating habit.