CognitiveCare Launches World’s First AI Platform to Predict Early Signs of Maternal Health Risks


CognitiveCare, a bioinformatics company and pioneer in the early detection of diseases, announced the launch of an AI platform called MIHIC. It’s the only platform that can predict risks in maternal and infant health by leveraging neural networks and advanced computing capabilities to analyze trillions of data points.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, adverse birth outcomes account for more than 20 percent of all infant deaths. Some of these outcomes can be prevented and, with proper prenatal care, many can be detected before birth. Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts is directing the research study to test MIHIC, an AI-based solution to predict maternal, fetal and infant health risks.

“Early detection of maternal health risks can optimize care during pregnancy,” said Julian N. Robinson, MD, chief of Obstetrics, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “It is important to learn how AI platforms such as MIHIC could potentially offer a deeper understanding of how to detect and manage these risks.”

“We are grateful at CognitiveCare to be able to collaborate with Brigham and Women’s Hospital on such an important and ground-breaking platform to advance maternal and infant health,” said Venkat N. Peri, Founder and CEO, CognitiveCare. “Healthy childbirth still eludes millions of women globally. Going through complicated pregnancies – the effects of which – continue to impact the long-term health of both the mothers and their babies, can now be prevented with early detection and intervention. We are fully equipped today to detect every maternal, fetal and infant health risk early, with simple, easy to use technological means to monitor their maternal health.”

The World Health Organization found, in 2019, an estimated 5.2 million children under 5 years old died mostly from preventable and treatable causes. CognitiveCare is the first to use AI in medicine and biology to analyze medical, clinical, genetic, radiological, lifestyle and social determinants to detect and assess risks early. These risks are quantified as MIHIC scores which can help caregivers, pregnant mothers, governments, and more to understand the extent and risk factors contributing to elevated risk levels.

About CognitiveCare:
CognitiveCare is a leading bioinformatics company that puts AI at the intersection of medicine and biology to detect diseases and their evolution early from gestation to geriatrics. CognitiveCare’s insights can empower all key constituents in the healthcare ecosystem: doctors and caregivers, payers, health-plans, governments, life-sciences, and individuals. CognitiveCare’s platform is built with patent-pending technologies and it seamlessly scales to manage trillions of data points. It is the only health tech start-up to have developed the world’s first AI platform to predict and quantify maternal and infant health risks as MIHIC scores using its MIHIC platform. CognitiveCare deploys in-depth world-class research in the areas of maternal and infant health, genetics, and computer science, as the company is on a mission to eradicate maternal and infant mortality. CognitiveCare’s Healthcare AI Consulting (HAIC) helps enterprises and governments with digital and analytics strategy and their successful implementation.