Covidien Announced FDA Clearance of New LigaSure(TM) Instrument

Febuary 17th :- Covidien, a leading global provider of healthcare products, announced 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the LigaSure(TM) Curved, Small Jaw, Open Sealer/Divider surgical instrument. The device is indicated for use in general surgery and will be available in the United States this quarter.

The LigaSure Curved, Small Jaw, Open Sealer/Divider, the newest addition to the LigaSure family of advanced surgical cutting/sealing devices, provides an integrated cutting mechanism independent of sealing, leaving the critical cutting decisions in the hands of the surgeon. Its multi-functional design also provides for blunt dissection and an enhanced, more efficient experience for the surgeon, especially in confined surgical spaces. A primary feature of this new LigaSure device is a low-temperature profile and minimal thermal spread to surrounding tissues.

The proven LigaSure technology, powered by the ForceTriadTM energy platform, provides surgeons with a continuous output of energy, monitoring the tissue and making real-time adjustments 3,333 times/second to seal vessel walls. LigaSure technology has been in use for 12 years, and is utilized in more than one million procedures around the world each year.