E-Cigarettes: A Way Out, Not a Way In


The world is changing in many ways, and it seems all aspects of our lives have been affected by these changes. In terms of technology, we have experienced so many changes that we cannot follow them. We have seen technological changes in the transport industry, food industries, the medical sector and many other sectors not mentioned.

The world of cigarettes has not been left behind. The wave of technology has swept this field as well, and its impact is there for everyone to see. Instead of relying on traditional tobacco smoking habits, the new electronic cigarette vaping method is becoming widely accepted by various people.

An e-cigarette consists of a battery that is attached to a chamber that contains liquid. The energy obtained from the battery is used to heat the liquid which in turn vaporizes it. The user is then expected to draw this vapor into their mouth and subsequently into the lungs. The liquid used in the e-cigarette (e-liquid/e-juice) is normally flavored. Depending on the preference of the user, it may contain between 0 to 2.5% nicotine.

Most people assume that using e-cigarettes is much safer and better than traditional cigarettes. This is a controversial assumption which could be considered a double-edged sword. There are those who support this assumption while others strongly oppose it.
According to a study by the Royal College of Physicians in the UK, it was found that using e-cigarettes may be somehow beneficial to the public compared to traditional tobacco smoking.

To prevent people from suffering from diseases associated with smoking; this institution came up with alternative design strategies to support the idea that using e-cigarettes can save people from the harmful effects associated with tobacco products.

That is why companies like Epuffer are trying to come up with the best e-cigarette products at the cheapest prices possible to encourage those already addicted to nicotine to quit using traditional tobacco and embrace e-cigarettes. Using e-cigarettes is indeed a way out of the tobacco smoking world and not a way in.

Based on UK research, it was found that e-cigarettes are mostly used by those who currently use or have used tobacco before. E-cigarettes do not attract adults who have never smoked before into the world of tobacco smoking. It also does not encourage those young adults who have never smoked to start smoking.

So, in reality, e-cigarettes can actually be considered a gateway into the world of non-smokers. When you compare someone who experiments with e-cigarettes and another who tries traditional tobacco for the first time, the risk of addiction is much higher on the side of the one who experiments with traditional tobacco.

It is, therefore, quite easy for someone who tries experimenting with traditional tobacco to join the world of smokers. Those who are already smokers but are trying to quit can try out e-cigarettes as a way of being successful in their quest. E-cigarettes have helped several people quit smoking.

There is a report by the National Health Service (NHS) in England that showed that 2 out of every 3 people who tried to quit smoking using e-cigarettes were eventually successful. Such results are good as they prove that through the use of e-cigarettes, one can successfully quit smoking.