EHE International Selects Project A.L.S. To Raise Awareness For Brain Disease Epidemic

As the leader for research in ALS, the devastating brain disorder also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, Project A.L.S. has been selected by EHE International to raise awareness about ALS and related brain diseases in a 103-square foot window display in Rockefeller Plaza. The interactive Project A.L.S. exhibit debuts today in the major international thoroughfare, and will be available to the public for the month of April.
The participatory exhibit focuses on ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and the closely related brain diseases that will affect 1 in 25 Americans by the year 2020. Scientists agree that if we can understand and treat ALS, we will have new insight into cures for the range of brain diseases. The display window, donated by EHE International, highlights the growing epidemic of brain disease by literally giving viewers a window into the human brain with information about brain disease and opportunities for visitors to participate in stopping its spread.
"People need to realize that brain disease is going to touch each one of us," said Project A.L.S. President and Co-Founder Meredith Estess. "Project A.L.S. is grateful to EHE International for the opportunity to educate the public on a problem that has grown to an epidemic of devastating proportions."
Throughout the month of April, the state-of-the-art exhibit will provide the opportunity for viewers to learn about, participate in, and donate to life-saving Project A.L.S. research. Visitors will interact with the three-dimensional exhibit via eye-popping design elements, a QR code, and perhaps most dramatically, the stark and stunning facts about the prevalence of brain disease in the 21st century.
"EHE International is proud to support Project A.L.S. by offering the Rockefeller Plaza window to raise public awareness and education about ALS," said Deborah McKeever, President of EHE International.
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