Ellipsis Health and Ceras Health Partner to Improve Early Detection of Mental Health Conditions Using Voice Biomarker Technology


Ellipsis Health, the market leader in AI-generated voice biomarker technology, and Ceras Health, a leader in digital health solutions, announced a partnership that will integrate Ellipsis Health’s breakthrough technology that uses the human voice as a biomarker for mental health and wellbeing into Ceras’ clinical monitoring platform. This integration will combine Ellipsis Health’s AI and deep learning technology with Ceras Health’s clinical monitoring and health data analytics platform, enabling real-time severity scores for anxiety and depression to improve care and triage patients in need.

Currently, mental health conditions are at epidemic proportions. In the US, 28 percent of people have depression, while 36 percent suffer from anxiety¹, and 41 percent reported mental health disorders within the last year, two times more than in 2019². The National Alliance on Mental Health estimates that 55 percent of people with mental illness are not receiving treatment, and there is a projected shortage of up to 30,000 psychiatrists in the US by 2024. This explosive growth, coupled with the difficulty in accessing the right treatment for many populations, is part of the impetus for the Ellipsis Health and Ceras Health partnership. Together, the companies plan to bring greater access to mental health treatment for the more than 18 million Medicare patients who have mental health conditions.

“This new partnership will advance the state of mental health care, enabling Ellipsis Health to put its cutting-edge voice technology to work – identifying people in need and then connecting them into integrated behavioral health services,” said Mainul Mondal, founder and CEO, Ellipsis Health. “We are proud to partner with Ceras Health, an organization that shares our commitment to using innovative technology to ensure that those in need have access to the right care at the right time, with the potential to transform how mental healthcare is identified, monitored and delivered.”

Bringing technology-powered innovation to mental health care, Ellipsis Health is giving voice to a new standard of care, pioneering the only clinically validated vital sign for mental health. By harnessing the unique power of the human voice as a biomarker for mental wellbeing, along with machine learning and AI, Ellipsis Health identifies, measures, and monitors the severity of stress, anxiety, and depression at scale. Its technology analyzes a short voice sample to create an objective and scalable clinical decision support tool.

“This unique partnership with Ellipsis Health aligns with Ceras Health’s commitment to providing impactful care for our patients with chronic diseases and innovating how we deliver this care,” said Udaya Devineni, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ceras. “The ability to access mental healthcare has never been more important given these unprecedented times, especially for those patients who are also managing chronic diseases, and we are excited about the potential of providing patients with easy and direct access to mental health support.”

Ceras Health will be using Ellipsis Health’s technology in its digital transitions of care solutions which are transforming how healthcare is delivered, especially for Medicare and other vulnerable populations. By using a combination of 24/7 clinical expertise, remote patient monitoring, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced data analytics, Ceras Health’s solutions blend clinical expertise and digital tools to help patients get the whole person personalized care they need to drive improvements in their health outcomes.